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My husband is a cigar smoker and I wanted something special for him. I was shopping in vero beach and found a smoke inn. I went into the store and asked for help. Trevor helped me and my husband loved the cigars he recommended. I was invited to return for an event. I took my husband to the Drew estate event. We had a great time. I'm looking foward to others in the future.

Marisol Padilla Ferencz
(Port St. Lucie, FL)

My husband was thrilled I was able to find him this rare cigar. The customer service was outstanding. The cigars shipped immediately and were packaged very nicely. A very nice complimentary hat came as a free gift. I have bookmarked this site and we will be returning customers for sure!!

Lisa Pontrello
(Tonawanda, NY )

I visited their Boynton beach location not too long ago and was so impressed with the hospitality and the selection of cigars available in their humidor, that I decided to place my first order last week, and I got to say, the cigars were in perfect condition, they even added a humidipack and a free hat (love the hat) I am definitely a repeat customer. Keep up the good work......

Iwan Lie
(Dacula, GA)

Ever since discovering your online Cigar Shop through the Cigar Dojo App, the customer service is amazing and the cigar selection is next to none, will definitely be coming back and referring to all my smoking buds, keep up the great work and customer service 👌👍

Jose Z
(Chula Vista, CA)

I was referred to your website and I have to say that I'm very impressed. I look forward to exclusively using your site and only your site in the future! I love to see your passion and excellent delivery to us the consumer. Cheers! Mark Z

Mark Z
(Sun City, AZ)

i placed my first order a few days ago and already received my cigars very prompt service. the city i live in only has two cigar shops with limited choices and one of my favorites is not available at all. well i got em now fresh, great condition and very reasonably priced. im smoking one now thank you guys ill order again for sure ... Al B. Rockford IL

(Rockford, IL)

Whoa Nelly! I got more than I expected. Besides the Casa Magna Oscuros (that were zip locked with a humidity pack. I have seen that done once in my cigar toking life and that was in London for my Cuban cigar order) and the Cedarspills (the best price for spills anywhere!) I received a hat bearing the logo "Kiss my ash radio".com. The goodness did not end there, I receive a HANDWRITTEN note of thanks from Chris. Letter writing is a lost art form. I almost fainted, honestly. The ink was real. As a letter writer myself, such a gesture, makes Smoke Inn my priority for ANY cigar order I have going forward. Gratitude Smoke Inn! I will talk y'all up to everyone I know, everywhere I go. Smoke Out at Smoke Inn. I Don't smoke for show. I smoke fa'sho (for sure). Live well!

(Painesville, OH)

Hi Folks Was cleaning out some old boxes yesterday and came upon one that had a UPS date of 01/02/2012 on it. Much to my surprise and glee, after emptying it of foam, I found a Smoke Inn hat (Black) and a HANDWRITTEN NOTE!! What a most unusual and gracious thing in these days of a flip "no problem!" It was signed by Michael. I'm just a kid at 67, and having been an OTR driver and been many places, and ordered several thousand dollars worth of cigar, yet not once has anybody ever taken the time to send a personal message. I no longer remember what the cigars were, but I do recall the most excellent service provided by the service person on the telephone. I do have enough cigars for a while; a 2' x 2' by 4' cedar chest crammed full of cigars. But then again, maybe I can wheedle a little money out of the CEO,CFO, and COO of the "partnership in marriage". You married men will understand. You unmarried ones will find out!! That ring may physically be on your finger but in emotional terms it's through your nose just like a bull's, and you SHALL be led whither she leadest thou. I hope you each have a good day to make a great week, don't do any work until you come back to work, and spend the weekend days on the beach the way The Good Lord intended you too: squeeze in all the fun you can! With Thanks Respectfully

Donald C.
(Windsor Heights. IA)

Ordered from Smoke Inn a handful of times so far. Most recent order of Tat CG's came in record time, and perfect condition. I'm sure they will be more enjoyable transactions to come.

Dalton M.
(Washington D.C.)

Received my very first order the other day; Cigar Obsession sample pack. The shipment arrived quickly, extremely well packaged, with the cigars in perfect condition. Would recommend the site and order again in the future.

Paul Kukiel
(Thunder Bay, Ontario)

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