13 Cigar Smoking Mistakes, Avoid When You Buy Cigars Online

Most cigar enthusiasts would agree that cigar smoking is not a habit. It is a hobby. So, the more you know about cigars and how to smoke them, the more you will enjoy your hobby.

The Great Smoke 2021 Digital Experience by Smoke Inn

A little over 15 years ago, we came up with a crazy endeavor to do a multi-vendor event in front of one of our locations in West Palm Beach. It ended up being a great event, a few hundred people were there, but our main focus was to make this an experience-driven event.

Custom Cigar Sampler Packs

Everyone loves variety and so do we. It is for that reason that cigar enthusiasts love our cigar sampler packs. The problem is, all samplers are not created equal.  Some people don’t like all of the cigars that come in pre-fabricated sampler packs.

Cigar of the Month Club at Smoke Inn

Smoke Inn has a unique cigar of the month club that is different from everyone else’s. In early 2019, we began to notice that anybody who talked about “cigar of the month clubs”, did so in a negative way. There was very little excitement about cigar of the month clubs.