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Umbagog by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Umbagog by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Summer of Saka 2024

Umbagog by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust offers big, gritty flavor for the everyman! The cigar debuted in 2017 as a sort of spinoff from Dunbarton's popular Mi Querida cigar, offering up company founder, Steve Saka's signature recipe of Connecticut Broadleaf over all-Nicaraguan fillers. In fact, the cigar is said to incorporate the same recipe as its more premium-priced Mi Querida brethren, utilizing wrapper selections that are deemed less perfect than the higher standards of Mi Querida.

As a known fishing fanatic, Steve Saka dubbed the cigar Umbagog after his favorite fishing spot of Umbagog Lake, located in his home state of New Hampshire. This ties into the cigar's overall identity, being the perfect choice for relaxing fishing trips, yard work, and any other occasion that may be a bit too messy for some of the more hoity-toity smokes out there... But that doesn't make this workhorse a second-class smoke—instead, smokers will be greeted with booming flavors and a hearty body, overloading the senses with gritty components of earth, baker's cocoa, molasses, black pepper, anise, and cola syrup sweetness. Whatever your task, get it done right with an Umbagog!

  • Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
  • Strength : Medium
  • Wrapper : Maduro


Pack: 10
Size: 6 x 48
Smoke Inn Price : $82.50
Retail Price: $97.50
Out of
Pack: 5
Size: 6 x 48
Smoke Inn Price : $48.50
Out of
Pack: 10
Size: 5 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $82.50
Retail Price: $97.50
Pack: 5
Size: 5 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $48.50
Pack: 10
Size: 6 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $86.95
Retail Price: $102.50
Out of
Pack: 5
Size: 6 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $51.00
Out of
Pack: 10
Size: 6 x 56
Smoke Inn Price : $92.95
Retail Price: $109.50
Pack: 5
Size: 6 x 56
Smoke Inn Price : $54.50

Category Rating

Customer Reviews

  • Sean Correia - Umbagog Corona Gorda (Verified buyer)
    This is one of my go-to cigars. This is my favorite Umbagog vitola. Steve Saka says it's a rugged cigar that holds up to whatever you are doing outdoors and he is right and you can't beat the price point for the quality.
  • Mateo Rodriguez - Umbagog Corona Gorda (Verified buyer)
    What a fantastic cigar and how about that even better price point huh? Perfect for mowing the lawn, grilling or any other chore. I always smoke my Umbagog while mowing the lawn and it hits just right. No burn issues and flavor is perfect. Another great one by DTT.
  • Edward Rizzo - Umbagog Corona Gorda (Verified buyer)
    My go to, every day cigar. An affordable smoke with all of the quality and flavor expected from DT&T.
  • Bradlee Wilson - Umbagog Corona Gorda
    Absolute banger of a cigar…cinnamon, toast and spice for the perfect DT&T cigar you know and believe in! A perfect short stick to start the day, walk the dog to or smoke at 4am when you can’t sleep! A+ tobacco
  • Aaron Brown - Umbagog Corona Gorda
    Yes please with a side of thank you, beyond amazing! Even though it is flirty I would eat a meal before lighting it up. So basically get three, no…. Get all of them!
  • Steven Pitts - Umbagog Corona Gorda (Verified buyer)
    This is a great daily smoke at a solid price point from Saka.
  • Brian Cochran - Umbagog Corona Gorda (Verified buyer)
    This is my goto lately. It has the flavor & construction of other DTT smokes at a great price point.
  • Chris Pratz - Umbagog Corona Gorda
    My fav budget DTT stick. Amazing the amount of quality and flavor you get for the price. Love the entire DTT line but always have these on hand, especially when golfing. Toro is my second fav size.
  • Nathan pawlikowski - Umbagog Corona Gorda (Verified buyer)
    This is one my go to cigars. Great no matter what the occasion. Cheap enough to smoke every day and complex enough to impress your friends when you share!
  • David durben - Umbagog Corona Gorda
    Easily the best budget cigar on the planet...Something about the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that makes this cigar awesome....
  • Carlos Line-Torres - Umbagog Corona Gorda
    This is a fantastic cigar. Tons of flavor, great construction. Hard to believe they’re so cheap
  • Shawn Albers - Umbagog Corona Gorda - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    A pretty good cigar to have in the fall in the backyard doing some yard work. There’s a robust earthiness in here that I have to be in the mood for to enjoy, but the construction is flawless.
  • Randy Alford - Umbagog Corona Gorda - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    Lot of black licorice and molasses. Good construction and constant smoke.
  • Juan castillo - Umbagog Robusto Plus (Verified buyer)
    Now this cigars is a hit specially for the price will never desapoint
  • Christopher Barnett - Umbagog Robusto Plus (Verified buyer)
    Received this as a COTM cigar, Umbagog cigars never disappoint! Mr. Saka refers them as “cut your grass cigar”, I totally disagree. It’s a fantastic cigar at a fantastic price!
  • Jarrod Raimann - Umbagog Robusto Plus (Verified buyer)
    For being made from “less than perfect” wrappers, these cigars still stand leaps and bounds ahead of other cigars.
  • Matthew Hartzell - Umbagog Robusto Plus
    My go to, daily cigar. Steve knocks another one out of the park with a inexpensive smoke that’s full of flavor.
  • John Kenny - Umbagog Robusto Plus
    One of the best budget offerings, anywhere. Love the thick, mottled Broadleaf wrapper. Slightly sweet, rich flavors. Earth, chocolate and pepper. Excellent everyday smoke.
  • Michael Lanier - Umbagog Robusto Plus
    Another great cigar from Saka. When you're getting low on DTT top shelf sticks, this cigar still brings a great smoking experience with great tobacco. I don't think Steve know how to make a bad stick.
  • Bradlee Wilson - Umbagog Robusto Plus
    UMBA-what? Whatever it is that Steve Saka is calling this cigar (something about a lake) it certainly is a winner in my books. DT&T displays a more budget friendly blend compared to some of the other brands he produces. A great cigar full of flavor and ready to be enjoyed KO matter what you’re doing!
  • Derek Moon - Umbagog Robusto Plus (Verified buyer)
    What is not to like about this cigar? It is the budget version of the Mi Querida. (The ugly twin haha ) This cigar won’t ever let you down the price is great and the cigar is great! If you Want to try a Dunbarton but the price scares you away grab a pack of these
  • Michael Cruz - Umbagog Robusto Plus (Verified buyer)
    a great medium strength cigar that's smooth, with great construction that is always consistent.
  • Michael Cruz - Umbagog Robusto Plus (Verified buyer)
    a great medium strength cigar that's smooth, with great construction that is always consistent.
  • Richard Beard - Umbagog Robusto Plus
    This is one of the best budget cigars on the market. One of my go to cigars. Flavor they goes out of this world for the price point.
  • Michael Larsen - Umbagog Robusto Plus (Verified buyer)
    My go too cigar, never fails me. Construction is great, awesome Connecticut broadleaf flavors. And I get a nice cola sweetness in the last few inches.
  • Tom Ducastel - Umbagog Robusto Plus - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    Love this one in the morning. With cocoa, molasses, cola and black pepper flavors (yum) , great with morning coffee. Great Burn and Drawl
  • Daniel Newman - Umbagog Robusto Plus - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    I have heard this one compared to the DTT rugged edition cigar. It is all that and more. The draw and burn seem to hold up to the most demanding situations, like when I am sweating my (*& off while doing yardwork :). Don't get me wrong, the cigar holds its own and is a med/full body cigar providing earthy coffee notes that hold strong throughout.
  • Cameron Chien - Umbagog Robusto Plus - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    Steve Saka makes some great cigars, and this is no exception. It's got a funny name, but a seriously good taste! I haven't had most of the Dunbarton cigars, but if this one is any indication, I should definitely try more of them!
  • Randy Alford - Umbagog Robusto Plus - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    Lots of licorice and hints of spices. Good size for an hour smoke nothing overpowered.
  • James McCue - Umbagog Robusto Plus - 5 Pack
    A fan favorite. This to me is a great budget friendly smoke for any time of day. Full of flavor and body and unique sizes to make them unique. Highly recommend
  • David Gibson - Umbagog Robusto Plus - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    Excellent smoke, fast delivery!
  • Towan Smith - Umbagog Robusto Plus - 5 Pack
    A great budget cigar by Steve saka!!
    I enjoyed it very much. I can say that I will be buying more in the future
  • Nicholas Neher - Umbagog Toro Toro (Verified buyer)
    This is a just a well rounded cigar! I really enjoy the flavors in this one
  • James Young - Umbagog Toro Toro (Verified buyer)
    Bargain smoke?! This is easily a $15 smoke.
    Best bang for your buck right here!
    Dark tasting notes with a little roughness.
  • Gerald Keene - Umbagog Toro Toro (Verified buyer)
    My go to daily stick, nice burn and solid construction. Buy some today.
  • Chad Moorman - Umbagog Toro Toro (Verified buyer)
    This is a great budget Saka stick; half the price but all the saka flavor you want. Well constructed and always a good burn. I love smoking this cigar fishing or on the beach.
    When you want a saka cigar but maybe the outdoor conditions might not be the best this is a great go too.
  • Albert Anguiano - Umbagog Toro Toro
    I love this cigar!! I love the sweetness of it. Great pairing with coffee
  • Chad Manson - Umbagog Toro Toro
    It’s hard to believe the quality of smoke you get from these looking at the pricing. One of my favorite DTT
  • Brian Donner - Umbagog Toro Toro
    The fact that this cigar costs what it does is almost criminal. Dont tell anyone though. Punches way above its weight. Flawless construction on par with sticks 3x its price. When I can't decide what to smoke this often gets picked up the moment I see it. So so good.
  • John Goddard - Umbagog Toro Toro (Verified buyer)
    Great cigar for the price point, easily could charge more for this one. Good flavor and a great burn. Solid product from DT&T
  • Mark Ashman - Umbagog Toro Toro (Verified buyer)
    It's a DTT so what do you expect?! That said, it does full short of other DTT cigars but in terms of 'value for money' this is up there. Great cigar for when you're outside and doing stuff, it doesn't need looking after like some cigars do. Just light it and smoke it
  • Keith Webber - Umbagog Gordo Gordo
    Too ugly to be mi querida (my mistress), but she tastes just as good in bed. This has a really toothy Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and all the flavors and expectations you expect from DTT packed into a sub $10 stick
  • Vincent Burgo - Umbagog Gordo Gordo (Verified buyer)
    A definite staple in my humidor. Always solid construction and burn with a uniquely delicious flavor.
  • Frank Rago - Umbagog Gordo Gordo (Verified buyer)
    my favorite every day cigar, just one will get you through a round of golf
  • Michael Anderson - Umbagog Gordo Gordo (Verified buyer)
    Can you really go wrong with anything from DT&T? No just buy the sticks and enjoy the herf.
  • Aaron Brown - Umbagog Gordo Gordo - 5 Pack
    The Umbagog is the bread and butter of DTT, this stick is so versatile. Cutting the lawn, walking to get the mail or driving to your kids soccer game - this one should be in your mouth. Reliable each and every time you light it up! This is very much a medium to full bodied cigar, but with its immaculate qualities? Its a no brainer.

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