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Age Verification

Why Does Smoke Inn Verify My Age?

Smoke Inn products are intended only for adult consumers, and are committed to ensuring trust in every sale; therefore, we do not sell our products to anyone under the age of 21. To substantiate your identity and confirm that you're aged 21 or older, we utilize a non-affiliated, third party company called Electronic Verification Systems.

How Does Electronic Verification Systems’ Age Verification Process Work?

Electronic Verification Systems’ age verification service is called IdentiFraud. IdentiFraud requests users to enter simple information (such as name, address and date of birth) that requires verification. IdentiFraud will verify that this information is consistent with applicable databases to comply with applicable regulations, verifying both age and identity. IdentiFraud may also use SMS and Programmatic Voice Phone Authentication (verifying a user has access to an identified phone), Advanced Residence Verification and History (verifying current and/or past addresses match public records), and Fraud Indicators (including data conflicts and alerts associated with the individual).

Is The Information I Provide To Smoke Inn Secure?

Absolutely. The IdentiFraud service is designed specifically to validate and protect your identity, while processing your online transaction with the highest level of consumer privacy. IdentiFraud ensures safe delivery of the information you provide online in three ways: first, IdentiFraud uses secure, 256-bit encryption to protect your data; second, IdentiFraud does not store your sensitive personal information. Lastly, IdentiFraud does not share or sell any data with other third parties. These steps are taken to ensure your sensitive personal information is safe from being accessed by unauthorized parties.

What Happens If I Cannot Be Verified By The IdentiFraud Process?

If IdentiFraud can't verify your age and/or identity, it's likely because there's a limited amount of publicly available information in the age verification databases. We expect that this would only affect a very small number of Smoke Inn customers, and apologize in advance for any delays this may cause you. If you're one of these customers, we'll attempt to call and email you to verify your age. This process generally requires producing a copy of your driver's license, or another form of government-issued ID, to verify your date of birth.

Can Non-U.S. Customers Still Be Age-Verified?

Smoke Inn’s use of IdentiFraud age verification is based exclusively on U.S. records; unless you are living in the United States, or are using a U.S. military address (for those living outside of the country), IdentiFraud will be unable to verify your age. Residents and individuals living in all other countries will instead be require to complete the manual review and verification process described above.

How Do I Contact You Regarding My Verification?

Smoke Inn can be reached by phone at 1-888-SMOKES-1 (1-888-766-5371), or email us at [email protected].