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Room 101 Little Big Delicious Blue - PRE ORDER

Room 101 Little Big Delicious Blue - PRE ORDER

Tentative delivery date is April 2024

The cigar that shook The Great Smoke in 2022 is BACK, in BLUE! That’s right, Little Big Delicious is BACK in a new colored box and available for everyone! In 2013, Smoke Inn embarked on a  Microblend collaboration with Matt Booth and his iconic Room101 brand. This historic partnership marked the birth of the renowned Big Delicious cigar, which became the sixth gem in a collection that has since expanded to encompass over 18 distinctive projects. Shortly after the release and inspired by the birth of their first sons, Honest Abe and Matt Booth both began to set designs for a smaller version of the historic Microblend. Fast forward nine years. The early dreams of the dynamic duo came to fruition creating a sequel that oozed charisma and allure. The result was the limited edition LBD, affectionately known as "Little Big Delicious," exclusively crafted for The Great Smoke 2022 mega event and boasting a swagger that rivaled its elder sibling. Four hundred boxes sold out in record time to TGS ticket holders leaving many scouring the secondary market for a chance to obtain this cigar.

Little Big Delicious makes a triumphant return in 2024 as the LBD Blue. Why a Blue box? Why not! LBD boasts a rich Mexican San Andrés wrapper, complemented by carefully selected interior leaves sourced from Ecuador, Pennsylvania, and Nicaragua. The blend is masterfully rolled into a 5¼" x 50 torpedo format and adorned with the signature shaggy foot that we all have come to associate with the Big Delicious family.

In order to ensure everyone a chance to obtain some LBD Blue, production will be based on pre orders. Pre order your cigars today with a non-refundable deposit of $25.00 per box to secure your stash. Due to the nature of the pre-orders, you cannot add any additional items to this order. Pre-orders will be open from September 8th – September 25th. Cigars are expected to arrive April of 2024. You will be sent an email at the time to complete your order and will be sent a notification through your Smoke Inn account profile. You will have 30 days to complete the transaction once you have been notified.

*No promotional codes or offers available with these items

PLEASE NOTE: Deposits are non refundable. Remaining balance payment of $94.95 per box must be paid within 30 days of receiving notification for balance. 

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