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The Great Smoke 2024 was an amazing event. This was our first year at The Great Smoke as a vendor. The entire Smoke Inn staff were very welcoming and supportive to us before, during and after the event.

Well done everyone. Can't wait till the 2025 party.

Smoke It All,

Wayne Wohlford
[email protected]

Wayne Wohlford

Great company. Ordered a couple of their Golf tee cigar holders and a pack of Factory Smokes by Drew Estate. Order was shipped fast. Love the holders and the Sweet cigars. Will definitely order again.

Douglas Boyles

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut is absolutely a masterpiece.

Richard Garcia

Smokeinn Cigar is so much more than purchasing quality cigars. This club also provides great cigar conversations with its members in a very unique way! This is a place that builds a world class cigar culture, atmosphere, and attracts so many people from all over the world simply because Abe and his staff care so much about their customers. Smoke Inn is a one of a kind place where people can enjoy, learn, and experience the best cigar products. I will never join another club, as for me this is unparallele to any cigar company that I have ever experienced. Stay Smokey, keep it lit, and enjoy your cigar experience!

Bart Ankney

Just received my Smoke inn package. Couldn’t be happier! They wrote me hand written thank you note and threw in a free cutter. Couldn’t be happier. They’re a class act!

Sal Franciamore

Placed my first order recently and was impressed to say the least. Order was perfectly packed with care and 1st quality products. I created a custom bundle of single sticks that I wasn't able to find at other shops. Amazing selection, FAST shipping and top quality products!!


Just got my first COTM Jan 2024 shipment, amazed at how fast the shipping was and all ready impressed as the cigars shipped are all new to me. Looking forward to lighting one up.

Adam Duerfeldt

The best Damn COTM club. Its like Christmas every month,

Colin McClure

Found out about Smoke Inn from a FB page. I called in my 1st ever order, and the fellow on the other end of the phone treated me like I was a long Treated me like I was a long lost relative. I hung up very satisfied. My last order, I pleasant note accompanied my order. These guys are tops. Hope to have the pleasure of walking into their store 1 day

Guy Turchiano

I've been smoking for a while and have subscribed to a lot of different cigar of the month clubs, they all either had condition issues or just the same old crap, Smoke inn has got me trying stuff I've never smoked, always exciting always in great shape, the best high quality club I've ever used


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