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Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you for my most recent order, which arrived this afternoon, also for the baseball cap you added to the package. I'm very grateful. Until recently, I was ordering with just one cigar retailer in the US but I doubt I'll be placing any more orders with them. When I order from you, you clearly have the cigars in stock, unlike them, you ship quickly, unlike them, and although I've only needed help once, you provided great customer care, unlike them. I don't want to place an order and have to wait a week for it to be shipped, on top of the 7-10 days it takes for the order to arrive. As you probably know, buying cigars in the UK is next to impossible unless you like spending huge amounts of money on overpriced and overrated Cuban cigars, so from all points of view, I'm very pleased to have found you. Thanks again, have a great weekend. Allan

(Cheshire, UK)

Added Sep 20, 2017

I'm always very hesitant to place online orders for cigars, for all The usual reasons, fearing damaged or poorly maintained cigars, your shop has drastically changed my opinion on that. I placed an order for a 5 pack of cigars and I was very pleased on how the cigars were shipped, the five pack was in a High quality humi-bag protected by foam, and upon inspection of each one of the cigars they were in perfect condition. Thanks smoke inn I'm glad I've found a great online retailer.

Fernando Avalos
(Rosemead, CA)

Added Aug 26, 2017

I have never actually purchased from smokeinn as of yet but I will be placing an order soon with them, I just wanted to let them know about an awesome 20 cigar sampler I came across online, a friend of mine had a usa retailer partner with him to distribute his mega sampler, omg is my friends mega sampler awesome it has ultra premium cigars in it there is no filler or crap cigars and all for a fantastic low price of 129.99, my friend will be doing a youtube video later this coming week with details on where to get them and about a special low price he is offering to another group's subscribers. I will encourage my friend to contact smokeinn to see if they also want to distribute his 20 cigar sampler. P.S. I looked around this website and I am highly impressed

(Ontario, Canada)

Added Aug 6, 2017

I've just returned to repurchase 3 bundles of Casa Bella 6x60 Connecticut cigars. These are by far one of the Best Bundled cigars under $50 per bundle.
Great Ash, Great Consistency, Great Taste with no more short filler getting stuck in your mouth, like other so-called 'sandwich' sticks. My Rating:❤❤❤❤❤

(Nazareth, PA)

Added Aug 5, 2017

I have been buying cigar grab baags here at Smoke Inn for a few years now ...I am extremely happy with the assortments of fine cigars I would not have experienced otherwise...Without a doubt these grab bags are the best grab bags going and represent a tremendous value as well...This latest batch contained a great mix of sizes and shapes, most with a nice yellow cello...Well done Mingman and co...

David Cubeta
(Beverly, MA)

Added Jun 17, 2017

Went into the WPB location, spoke with AJ and mentioned to him I'm looking for a strong cigar for around $5, he suggested the Gurkha Seduction for $6.20, he was right on the money, very good smoke and strong for the price! Thanks AJ

(West Palm Beach, FL)

Added Jun 14, 2017

I have visited SmokeInn on 3 occasions and I pass many Cigar stores on the way there. The reason I go to SmokeInn in Boynton Beach is the atmosphere, company, and knowledgeable and helpful staff including A.J. and other team members. I would highly recommend Smoke Inn Boynton Beach to local and visiting Cigar lovers who enjoy a great selection and great environment to enjoy a fine cigar.

Founder CEO

Brady Alliy

Added Jun 8, 2017

Found out about the "Great Smoke" a little late last year. Made it a priority this year, so glad I did! My friends live with in walking distance of the Wellington store so we hit that and the big store in Boynton Beach. Great selection excellent service!
Made my first online purchase recently, the 60 count sampler. Very happy with the purchase!!
You guys are a class act! see you at the next Great Smoke.
Jim Humphryes
Washington D.C.

James Humphryes
(Washington D.C.)

Added Mar 17, 2017

Made my first order on the website, 2016 CO sampler. Can't wait to try them and thanks for the hand written note!

(Lafayette, New York)

Added Jan 25, 2017

Thank you for such an easy buying experience, purchased a few of my favourite cigars (Recluse Amadeus, not available in the UK) 9 days ago. They have arrived in great condition and and was even accompanied by a free gift.

Thank you Smoke Inn, I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family and I will definitely be buying again.

Ricky M

Ricky Meyler
(London, England)

Added Dec 8, 2016

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