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Smoke Inn's Online Rewards Program

Remember the good old days when your toys and cereal boxes not only came with the thrill of tearing open the box or the sweet, sugary gratification (looking at you, Super Sugar Crisp) - but an objective as well? It felt purposeful knowing your healthy collection of G.I. Joes would one day entitle you to that special, limited edition Jeep set (just 50 more UPCs to go!).

At Smoke Inn, we’re proud to revive your childhood determination for your more sophisticated, “grown up” tastes - introducing the Smoke Inn Online Rewards Program!

It’s simple - for every $1 spent you’ll receive 1 point. Every 300 points brings you a bonus $15 credit towards Smoke Inn purchases (awarded through an email voucher). On top of this, we’ll be running special promotions throughout the year where you can earn double points, etc. on select purchases! Reward Program members can track points and coupons by simply visiting the “My Account” section when logged into your account at Reward coupons have an expiration date, so check your email and online account often!

Simply create an account and enjoy the benefits of the Smoke Inn Rewards Program right away, so you can make your purchases count towards that new G.I. Joe… er, OpusX!

*This is an online only program.

**Reward points and Reward Certificates are not transferrable

*** Reward Certificates expire in 60 days.

****Up tp 3 coupons can be used per order.

*****Please allow 2-3 business days for your reward points to appear.

******Gift certificates, Subscriptions, and Event Tickets are ineligible for Reward Points.

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