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Cigar of the Month Club

Throw away your monthly cable subscription; wine, beer, and cheese-of-the-month clubs no more; even that shave club you thought would suddenly free up your hectic routine. When a monthly cigar club is executed properly, you'll find you suddenly have no need for these frivolous, non-cigar-related distractions!

Smoke Inn's Cigar of the Month Club features a hand-curated selection of five, unique, premium cigars—delivered straight to your humidor (well, at least your front door) on a monthly basis. Each cigar for the club is hand-picked by Honest Abe. At Smoke Inn, we've always prided ourselves on our Grade-A humidor selection. With a healthy range of craft and boutique favorites, as well as the tried-n-true mainstays, you can be assured, our monthly selection is both unique, and affordable!

Cigar of the Month Gifting Now Available!

Now you can send a friend, family member or a BOTL/SOTL the BEST Cigar of the Month Club out there!! We are now offering 3 and 6 month subscriptions available for gifting, right here at! Simply choose what you would like to send (3 or 6 months) below on this page, add to cart (you will be charged a one-time fee, no recurring billing every month) and then you will be directed to a page where you will enter your recipients information (Name, Email and Address info). From there you will complete your purchase as normal. Then, your recipient will get an email notification that they have just been sent a gift subscription to Smoke Inn's Cigar of the Month Club... it's that easy!

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Cigar of the Month Club Specifics

  • Cigar of the Month Club is only $34.95 per month... including shipping!
  • Every month's shipment features a different 5-pack.
  • Going out of town or simply want to take a break from your subscription? Subscribers of cigar of the month can easily suspend or cancel their subscription up until the 21st of each month. Subscription can be started or stopped from the "My Account" section of Accounts left inactive for 6 months or more will be terminated.
  • Billing occurs on the 28th of each month.
  • Orders will start shipping out the beginning of every month.
  • Due to logistics, this product is not available for international shipping.
  • Cigar of the month club is only available for purchase by Credit or Debit card (no PayPal or Gift Certificates allowed).
  • You must wait unil the NEXT billing date when reactivating your account after suspending it.
  • No promotional codes or offers available with these items.
  • Reward points are not eligible with Cigar of the Month.
  • Product value is $30 ($6 per cigar) and will be the basis for any damages or returns.



Pack: 5
Size: Varies
Smoke Inn Price : $34.95
Pack: 5
Size: Varies
Smoke Inn Price : $104.85
Pack: 5
Size: Varies
Smoke Inn Price : $209.70

Category Rating

Customer Reviews

  • Alex Voytilla - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    Hands down the best COTM club out there. I was apart of a few others and 2 years later with this club I haven't looked back. So many great selections not just junk they are trying to get rid of.
  • Quinton Nation - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    What's this a COTM that's half the price of the value?!?!? Who would have thought, and Abe always delivers. In addition, you get an extra 10% off for the month and earn reward points! What are you waiting for? Just do it and make sure you thank me in the post :P
  • Jarrod Raimann - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription
    Best dang COTM club out there! Makes me wish I smoked cigars more often so I could keep up with the monthly shipments! Every cigar is a banger, with zero fillers!
  • Jeff Madewell - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    This is by far the best COTM around! I have been a member for over a year and Abe personally selects each months cigars and they are always top notch!
  • Bradlee Wilson - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    I’ll be the first to say that what Abe has created in the COTM club is bar none to anyone in the business. For those reading we have received brands like Davidoff, Drew Estate, Alex Bradley, Espinosa, Quesada, El Septimo, and other big name brands for $30 a month SHIPPED. Absolutely insane. Don’t sleep if spots become open!
  • John Gemmellaro - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    Experiencing different cigars that I might not otherwise have had the opportunity to try has been something I look forward each month. The selections each month are premium cigars that you will enjoy.
  • Chris Hirniak - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    I’ve given this as a gift to friends, you better believe I got myself a membership. This is hands down the BEST COTM out there. No crap, no meh cigars. Usually the cigars you end up with are cigars that are new to you, open your eyes to new products, and help you enrich your palate. Some of them may be familiar and long desired. But always, always, always, the selection is great at an incredible price.
  • Gary Shaffer - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    I absolutely love the cigar of the month club. I am pretty new to cigar smoking, and this club exposes me to many varieties of cigars that I wouldn't normally try because I just don't know what to buy. The price (even with the recent price increase) is reasonable and a great value! Thank you Smoke Inn for a great value for your subscribers!
  • Steven Pitts - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    Best damn COTM Club out there! No duds, a great selection every month.
  • Jeremy Caudill - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    You will not find a better deal. 5 PREMIUM cigars worth $50-$70 sent every month for only $30!!!
  • Preston Jones - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    Been a member for about 3 months now. Worth the money as you end up with at least $60.00 worth of sticks every month. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to start smoking cigars or wanting to broaden their horizons. Best money I have spent in a while for cigars.
  • David Braunfotel - Cigar of the Month Club - Monthly Subscription (Verified buyer)
    Best club out there. And I have tried them all. Must have. I am heading into year three!!

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