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Aganorsa Rare Leaf

Aganorsa Rare Leaf

The secret is out of the bag—Aganorsa Leaf grows some of the most high-grade, choice tobacco in the world. The company's AGANORSA agricultural operation stretches throughout every major growing region of Nicaragua, being one of the country's two largest growers. These tobaccos not only make up Aganorsa Leaf's vast portfolio of premium cigars, but many of the industry's other most sought-after cigar companies as well.

Naturally, many of Aganorsa's tobaccos are in large supply, while other selections are much more limited. These are the leaves that make up Aganorsa's most rare and sought-after cigars, such as the appropriately named Aganorsa Leaf Rare Leaf Reserve. With this project, Aganorsa showcases special tobaccos from their most select farms. The cigar is crafted primarily from Criollo ’98 tobaccos, as well as a touch of Corojo '99. These Nicaraguan leaves make up the filler and double binder, being finalized with a Grade-A café wrapper grown in Jalapa. As the ingredients are in short supply, Aganorsa Leaf Rare Leaf Reserve cigars are rolled in very small batches and offered only to select tobacconists across the world.

Aganorsa Leaf Rare Leaf Reserve showcases a medium body and a focus on finesse, with fine-tuned complexities consisting of nougat, buttered nuts, graham cracker, and cinnamon.

  • Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
  • Strength : Medium
  • Wrapper : Natural


Pack: 15
Size: 5.25 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $154.95
Retail Price: $172.50
Pack: 5
Size: 5.25 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $57.50
Pack: 15
Size: 6 x 54
Smoke Inn Price : $161.50
Retail Price: $179.86
Pack: 5
Size: 6 x 54
Smoke Inn Price : $59.50
Pack: 15
Size: 6 x 60
Smoke Inn Price : $170.95
Retail Price: $190.50
Pack: 5
Size: 6 x 60
Smoke Inn Price : $63.50

Category Rating

Customer Reviews

  • Jeremy Caudill - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Robusto
    This cigar is right there with the Supreme Leaf for me. Strong notes of Cocoa and nuts. One of Aganorsas top cigars.
  • Nathan pawlikowski - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Robusto
    There is no question why most of the reviews you will see for this cigar are mostly really good. It's not because a prominent maker has their name on it but because it performs like it is going to take gold at the Olympics. The tobacco is phenomenal and so is the construction. Enjoying this cigar is what you must do. This is no cut the grass and forget about it stick! I would say it's more on the full side but not too heavy with nicotine and I thoroughly enjoyed it with coffee as per usual.
  • Jonathan Lawson - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Robusto
    Favorite Aganorsa cigar by far. Flavor is phenomenal.
  • Nicholas Neher - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro
    I first tried this cigar because I got it in a sampler. The cigar blew me away and then I received it in smoke inn COTM and it was just as amazing as I remember.
  • Mateo Rodriguez - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro (Verified buyer)
    Another great cigar from Aganorsa. This to me is closer to full body than medium and I highly enjoy it. The classic Aganorsa notes with extra finesse. I did get the graham cracker and cinnamon notes so it was a tasty treat. Pairs well with red dry wine like Merlot or a nice dark scotch.
  • Chad M - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro
    Big fan of the toro. This is such a great addition aganorsa line. It is a great salty and slight spicy cigar that has a great price point for value. Great starting smoke for someone getting into aganorsa line.
  • Albert Anguiano - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro (Verified buyer)
    This smoke bomb is a flavor bomb! Medium bodied but kicks a punch
  • Chad Manson - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro
    Another winner from Aganorsa. Always pleasant to smoke.
  • Lialew Lee - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro
    Great stick. Medium full body for me. Good smoke aroma.
  • Michael Anderson - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro (Verified buyer)
    One of the most consistent cigars with an exceptional draw! Buy buy buy
  • JACOB NEELY - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro
    Luxurious and full flavored, this is one of the top releases from Aganorsa. Pair it with a good dark rum and enjoy.
  • Randy Alford - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro (Verified buyer)
    Solid stick lots of smoke for me. Get a cinnamon/toast flavor that is good not overpowered.
  • Carlos Line-Torres - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro
    A tasty cigar medium in strength and body. It’s definitely a cigar I will smoke again
  • David Braunfotel - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Toro (Verified buyer)
    Great construction and bold flavors. Sure to be in my humidor for years to come.
  • Jesse Trimble - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Titan
    I prefer cigars from Toro size down but this did not disappoint. It's super earthy and bold where I got a lot of sweet notes like caramel and some cayenne.
  • Bradlee Wilson - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Titan
    Validation, validation, validation. It’s the name of the game for tobacco-nauts AGANORSA. With their Rare Leaf Reserve displaying the blending “powers” in a cigar that is nothing but smooth. This cigar can make you salivate between each validating puff.
  • Michael Larsen - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Titan (Verified buyer)
    One of my favorites from Aganorsa. Excellent flavors. A must try from Aganorsa.
  • Joey VanNostrand - Aganorsa Rare Leaf Titan
    Great cigar smoked it a few months back and loved it made me buy box. If you love aganorsa or you haven’t tried their brand before this what you should try.

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