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Sin Compromiso by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Sin Compromiso by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

When Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust debuted on the premium cigar scene in 2015, the packaging bore the motto Sin Compromiso, translating from Spanish to mean Without Compromise. This held true on each of the company's releases to follow, eventually being incorporated into a high-caliber project of its own.

Many know company owner, Steve Saka, as a craft cigar purist with a knack for showcasing quintessential representations of any given smoking style he sets his mind to. Saka often pays tribute to the past while brilliantly adding his modernized spin. With Sin Compromiso, DTT's most premium cigar, Saka's talents are on full display!

Each tobacco leaf used in Sin Compromiso was grown specifically for this very cigar. All-Nicaraguan fillers have been harvested from a singular, select plantation. These leaves are bound in a hybrid Ecuadorian Habano ligero leaf and finalized in the cigar's chef d'oeuvre: a specially grown Mexican San Andrés Negro maduro wrapper. Mimicking a technique used by Japanese melon farmers, all but the uppermost eight leaves are removed at an early stage in the plant's growth. This directs all of the plant's nutrients to this small region of leaves, making for super leaves, for lack of a better term... Needless to say, the results are at another level in terms of cigarmaking. This includes a medium-full intensity and striking flavors of earth, potent mineral, leather, smoked hardwoods, fresh mountain pine, and lang-lasting cream through the finish.

  • Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
  • Strength : Medium-Full
  • Wrapper : Maduro


Pack: 13
Size: 5.63 x 46
Smoke Inn Price : $181.50
Retail Price: $213.85
Pack: 5
Size: 5.63 x 46
Smoke Inn Price : $82.25
Pack: 13
Size: 7 x 44
Smoke Inn Price : $197.95
Retail Price: $233.35
Pack: 5
Size: 7 x 44
Smoke Inn Price : $89.75
Pack: 13
Size: 6 x 54
Smoke Inn Price : $206.95
Retail Price: $243.75
Out of
Pack: 5
Size: 6 x 54
Smoke Inn Price : $93.75
Pack: 13
Size: 6 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $208.95
Retail Price: $246.35
Pack: 5
Size: 6 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $94.50
Pack: 13
Size: 7 x 56
Smoke Inn Price : $214.50
Retail Price: $252.85
Pack: 5
Size: 7 x 56
Smoke Inn Price : $97.25

Category Rating

Customer Reviews

  • Alex Voytilla - Sin Compromiso Intrepido
    Another saka masterpiece. A creamy maduro that has a nice smooth draw. My 2nd favorite from saka behind the RML.
  • Daniel Newman - Sin Compromiso Intrepido
    This is a joy to smoke. I think it is a great example of how Saka can take something and make it special. It is sweet, spicey, and smooth at the same time. It reminds of a cappuccino with a bite. I highly recommend you give this one a go.
  • Darrin Boren - Sin Compromiso Intrepido
    After all the good reviews out there I was looking forward to trying this one. Not every cigar hits everyone the same way. Smoked 3 of these and just didn't enjoy any of them. Ended up giving the last 2 away. A tough draw and difficult to stay lit. Also after about the halfway point it just seemed to taste like harsh ash, just sayin, and I am a big fan of Saka blends, the Mi Querida is one of my favorite go to cigars. I may have just had a bad pack but this is my experience.
  • John Butcher - Sin Compromiso Intrepido (Verified buyer)
    DTT has a fantastic line and this one may be the best one yet! Complex flavors of dark chocolate and espresso complement just about any Whiskey drink. Grab your favorite Highland Scotch and get ready to embark on an amazing journey for the next hour!
  • Mark Ashman - Sin Compromiso Intrepido (Verified buyer)
    I have tried a few different sizes of Sin Compromiso and as good as they were, just didn't quite hit that spot like the mi querida or triqui traca. Then I tried the Intrepido and wow, it's by far my favourite vitola of this blend and is a strong contender for my favourite cigar in all honesty
  • Michael Lanier - Sin Compromiso Intrepido - 5 Pack
    I absolutely love this cigar. It has been my favorite cigar for 3 years and counting. Haven't found a stick that even comes close to this stick.
  • JACOB NEELY - Sin Compromiso Intrepido - 5 Pack
    This might be my favorite Mexican SA cigar on the market. Perfect construction, rich earthy peaty profile with a lovely sweat spicy backbone. An essential resident of my humidor!
  • Christopher Barnett - Sin Compromiso Varita Magica (Verified buyer)
    Really good cigar! I enjoy the thinner vitola of the Varita Magica. Burned and tasted excellent as always!
  • Michael Lanier - Sin Compromiso Varita Magica
    This is my 2nd favorite size in the Sin line. Whenever I'm in the mood to get more flavor from the wrapper I go with this stick.
  • Sean Correia - Sin Compromiso No. 5
    Love this cigar. It doesn’t get much better for me. Cocoa, espresso and always perfect construction.
  • Don Jones - Sin Compromiso No. 5 (Verified buyer)
    A fabulous smoke from DT&T blended by Steve Saka. Great flavors of chocolate, coffee, and cream, with just a bit of spice, this is a great anytime of day cigar, with coffe in the morning, or in the evening with a stout/Porter or red wine.
  • Nicholas Neher - Sin Compromiso No. 5 (Verified buyer)
    This is one of favorite cigars of all time. I always have at least a few on hand. When I don’t know what to smoke, I always reach for this cigar.
  • Joe Olesinski - Sin Compromiso No. 5
    I'm pretty sure this Sin Compromiso cigar is at the top of my list every year for the best smoke. It is worth every penny. This is a true masterpiece of a cigar. Sure it may be a little pricey but you get what you pay for and this one tops the list!
  • Jarrod Raimann - Sin Compromiso No. 5 (Verified buyer)
    Steve Saka definitely lives up to his word! There is no compromising with these sticks! Absolutely splendid!
  • Michael Cruz - Sin Compromiso No. 5
    Smooth, complex, rich flavors, medium plus body. With superb quality that Synonymous with DTT, this is a must have stick for any experienced smoker. As Saka's says smokers of his cigars can tell the difference.
  • Steven Pitts - Sin Compromiso No. 5
    This is a great smoke from Saka, one of his staples that I like to keep a couple on hand.
  • David durben - Sin Compromiso No. 5
    Dunbarton Tobacco And Trust...Sin Compromiso...Another great cigar...medium in strength...full with flavor...easy choice...
  • Michael Anderson - Sin Compromiso No. 5 - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    One of my favorites. Sin Compromiso is a beautiful cigar, smooth with a ton of flavor; Full Body. On the higher end of price point, but worth every penny. Spoil yourself.
  • Jesse Pettry - Sin Compromiso No. 5 - 5 Pack
    When Jeremy Siers calls this the chocolate bar he’s not joking. Smells like chocolate and tastes like chocolate. My second DTT cigar and it is second to none! Smooth feel and taste beautifully simple band definitely a must have! 10/10 will keep a few on hand for those special times.
  • Don Jones - Sin Compromiso No. 2 (Verified buyer)
    A great cigar from the Great Saka, with notes of cocoa, wood, coffee, and a bit spicy. Definitely a good cigar to have on hand.
  • Juan castillo - Sin Compromiso No. 7 (Verified buyer)
    I like sin but this one just doesn't do it for me must be the ring gage over all still a great smoke
  • Gerald Keene - Sin Compromiso No. 7
    My favorite cigar from DTT. Great construction and burn with lots of smoke. This is my go to gift for my fellow FOTL.
  • Aaron Brown - Sin Compromiso No. 7 - 5 Pack
    Ohhh the Sin Compromiso, what a stick to remember - well really any cigar from DTT is a special moment in time. It has very unique flavors bursting from its seems, but for me I think the one that really slaps me in my tasters - is dark chocolate notes. Again very unique, sweet even. Get it, you will not be disappointed.

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