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Traditionally, whether you're buying cigars online or at your local B&M, the most cost-effective buying strategy was to purchase cigars by the box. The obvious problem: with new cigars being released as rapidly as today's craft beer scene, most enthusiasts can't exactly spring for "the full monty" on every order (that is, unless you've managed to build a full, walk-in humidor into your humble abode).

With Smoke Inn's Custom Packs feature, we believe we've "cracked the code," offering box-purchase discounts on individual cigars! After all, if you're buying a box-worth of cigars, why should every stick have to be the same blend?

Use the tabs below to assemble 5, 10, 15, or 20-packs of cigars—each option offering greater discounts than the last. Next, choose from our vast catalogue of premium cigars below, choosing the size and quantity of your preference. Finally, the "live cart," located to the right of the cigars, will display your savings when you've built your custom pack. Click "Add to Cart" to send your custom pack to your Smoke Inn purchasing cart.

*No promotional codes or offers available with these items

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2012 by Oscar Barber Pole
2012 by Oscar Connecticut
2012 by Oscar Corojo
2012 by Oscar Maduro
2012 by Oscar Sumatra
601 La Bomba
601 La Bomba Warhead IX
601 La Bomba Warhead VIII
601 Serie Blue Maduro
601 Serie Green Oscuro
601 Serie Red Habano
7-20-4 Cigars
7-20-4 Hustler
7-20-4 Hustler Five & Dime PCA Exclusive
7-20-4 W.K Series
ADVentura Barbarroja's Invasion
ADVentura Blue Eyed Jacks Revenge
ADVentura Conqueror
ADVentura Conqueror Emperor's Edition
ADVentura Explorer
ADVentura Kings Gold
ADVentura La Llorona
ADVentura Navigator
ADVentura Queens Pearls
ADVentura The Chancellor
Affinity by Sindicato Cigars
Affinity Maduro by Sindicato Cigars
Aganorsa JFR Connecticut
Aganorsa JFR Corojo
Aganorsa JFR Maduro
Aganorsa Leaf Aniversario Connecticut
Aganorsa Leaf Aniversario Corojo
Aganorsa Leaf Aniversario Maduro
Aganorsa Leaf Arsenio
Aganorsa Leaf La Validacion Connecticut
Aganorsa Leaf La Validacion Corojo
Aganorsa Leaf La Validacion Habano
Aganorsa Leaf La Validacion Maduro
Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection
Aganorsa Leaf Signature Selection Maduro
Aganorsa Rare Fusion Smoke Inn Exclusive Microblend
Aganorsa Rare Leaf
Aganorsa Rare Leaf Maduro
Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua
Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Sonata
Aging Room Quattro Original
Aging Room Rare Collection
AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes
AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Maduro
AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria
AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria Brazil
AJ Fernandez Enclave
AJ Fernandez Last Call Habano
AJ Fernandez Last Call Maduro
AJ Fernandez New World
AJ Fernandez New World Cameroon
AJ Fernandez New World Connecticut
AJ Fernandez New World Dorado
AJ Fernandez New World Puro Especial
AJ Fernandez Ramon Allones
AJ Fernandez San Lotano Dominicano
AJ Fernandez San Lotano Requiem Habano
AJ Fernandez San Lotano Requiem Maduro
Aladino by JRE Tobacco Company
Aladino Cameroon by JRE Tobacco Company
Aladino Connecticut by JRE Tobacco Company
Aladino Maduro by JRE Tobacco Company
Alec & Bradley Blind Faith
Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper
Alec & Bradley Kintsugi
Alec Bradley American Classic Blend
Alec Bradley American Sun Grown Blend
Alec Bradley Black Market
Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli
Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan
Alec Bradley Black Market Illicit Toro
Alec Bradley Connecticut
Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf
Alec Bradley Krewe - The Great Smoke 2023 Exclusive
Alec Bradley Magic Toast
Alec Bradley Maxx
Alec Bradley Prensado
Alec Bradley Project 40
Alec Bradley Project 40 Maduro
Alec Bradley Tempus
Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua
Alec Bradley Texas Lancero
Alfonso Extra Anejo
All Saints Dedicacion
All Saints Dedicacion Habano
All Saints Saint Francis
All Saints Saint Francis Colorado
All Saints Solamente 2023 Limited Edition
Altar Q by Oscar Valladares
Amendola Core Series
Amendola Signature Series
Amendola Signature Series Cannoli
Angel Cuesta by JC Newman
Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Series
Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Sungrown Series
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Edicion de Anniversario
Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva
Arturo Fuente Hemingway
Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City
Arturo Fuente Seasonal Selection
Ashton Aged Maduro
Ashton Cabinet
Ashton Classic
Ashton ESG Cigars
Ashton Symmetry
Ashton VSG Cigars
Asylum 13
Asylum 13 Ogre
Asylum 867
Asylum Cool Brew
Asylum Insidious
Atabey Cigars
AVO Classic
AVO Classic Maduro
Avo Expressions Limited Edition 2024
AVO Heritage Series
AVO Seasons Limited Edition Series 2023
AVO Syncro Caribe
AVO Syncro Nicaragua
AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata
AVO Syncro South America Ritmo
Baccarat Havana Selection
Baccarat Maduro
Bandolero Firecracker
Bandolero Series A
Bandolero Series C
Bandolero Series T
Big Johnny by Oscar
Black Label Trading Co. Bishops Blend Novemdiales
Black Label Trading Co. Black Label La Madonna Negra
Black Label Trading Co. Last Rites
Black Label Trading Co. Lawless
Black Label Trading Co. Orthodox
Black Label Trading Co. Porcelain
Black Label Trading Co. Royalty
Black Label Trading Co. Salvation
Black Label Trading Co. Santa Muerte
BLACKENED M81 by Drew Estate
BLACKENED S84 Shade to Black by Drew Estate
BLK WKS Studios Killer Bee
BLK WKS Studios Paper Crane Limited Edition
BLK WKS Studios Poison Dart
BLK WKS Studios Rorschach
BLK WKS Studios Rorschach Sumatra
Brick House
Brick House Double Connecticut
Brick House Maduro
Buffalo Ten Connecticut By El Artista
Buffalo Ten Maduro By El Artista
Buffalo Ten Natural By El Artisa
Byron 1850
Byron Cigars
Cage the Dawg by Espinosa Cigars - SI Microblend Exclusive
Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff
Caldwell Eastern Standard
Caldwell Eastern Standard Sungrown
Caldwell Limited Edition L'Escalade
Caldwell Long Live The King
Caldwell Long Live the King Mad Mofo
Caldwell Lost & Found Land O' Snakes Butter
Caldwell Lost & Found One Night Stand - Box Edition
Caldwell Lost & Found Pepper Cream Soda Habano - Box Edition
Caldwell Midnight Express
Caldwell Savages
Caldwell The King Is Dead
Camacho American Barrel-Aged
Camacho Broadleaf
Camacho Connecticut
Camacho Connecticut Box Press
Camacho Corojo
Camacho Ecuador
Camacho Factory Unleashed
Camacho Nicaragua
Camacho Triple Maduro
CAO Amazon Basin Extra Anejo
CAO America
CAO Arcana Firewalker
CAO Bones
CAO Brazilia
CAO Consigliere
CAO Fasa Noche
CAO Fasa Sol
CAO Flathead
CAO Flathead V23
CAO Italia
CAO Mortal Coil
CAO Session
CAO Zocalo
Casa Fernandez Miami
Cavalier Geneve BII Viso Jalapa Limited Release 2022
Cavalier Genéve Black II
Cavalier Genéve Black Series II Viso Jalapa
Cavalier Geneve Inner Circle
Cavalier Geneve Inner Circle Domaine Rouge
Cavalier Genève Limited Edition 2023
Cavalier Geneve Prospektor Barberpole
Cavalier Geneve Regional Exclusive USA
Cavalier Geneve Tres Delincuentes Connecticut
Cavalier Geneve Tres Delincuentes Habano
Cavalier Geneve Tres Delincuentes Maduro
Cavalier Genéve White Series
Cavalier Genève White Series Limited Release 2023
Charter Oak Habano
Charter Oak Maduro
Charter Oak Shade
Chazz Palminteri's A Bronx Tale
Chazz Palminteri's A Bronx Tale Calogero
Cigar City Brewing Maduro by Punch
Cigar Clowns GEPPETTO
Cigar Clowns King of Clowns
Cigar Dojo Uru Doshi by Alec Bradley
CLE Corojo
CLE Prieto
Cohiba Blue
Cohiba Connecticut
Cohiba Nicaragua
Cohiba Serie M Reserva Roja
Crowned Heads Azul y Oro Limited Edition
Crowned Heads CHC Serie E
Crowned Heads Coroneta Habano
Crowned Heads Coroneta Maduro
Crowned Heads Four Kicks Capa Especial
Crowned Heads Four Kicks Mule Kick LE 2023
Crowned Heads Jericho Hill
Crowned Heads Juarez
Crowned Heads La Vereda
Crowned Heads Las Calaveras Edición Limitada 2023
Crowned Heads Las Calaveras Edicion Limitada 2024
Crowned Heads Le Careme
Crowned Heads Le Careme Belicosos Fino LE 2022
Crowned Heads Le Patissier
Crowned Heads Le Patissier 2021 PCA Exclusive
Crowned Heads Le Patissier No. 2 PCA Exclusive
Crowned Heads Mil Dias
Crowned Heads Mil Días Belicosos Finos LE 2023
Crowned Heads Mil Dias Maduro
Crowned Heads Mil Dias Magicos Limited Edition
Crowned Heads Mil Días Marranitos Edición Limitada 2022
Crowned Heads Mil Días Marranitos Edición Limitada 2023
Crowned Heads Regional Exclusives
Crowned Heads Sfumato in C Major PCA 2022 Exclusive
Crowned Heads Tennessee Waltz
Crowned Heads The Lost Angel 2022 TAA Exclusive
Crowned Heads The Lost Angel 2023 TAA Exclusive
Crowned Heads Yellow Rose
Cuba Aliados Cabinet Edition
Cuba Aliados Original Blend
Cubico by Sindicato Cigars
Daniel Marshall Red Label
Davidoff Aniversario No. 1 Limited Edition
Davidoff Colorado Claro
Davidoff Dominicana
Davidoff Grand Cru Diademas Finas Limited Edition
Davidoff Grand Cru Series
Davidoff Maduro
Davidoff Millenium Lancero Limited Edition 2023
Davidoff Millenium Series
Davidoff Nicaragua
Davidoff Nicaragua 10th Anniversary Limited Edition
Davidoff Signature No. 1 Limited Edition 2023
Davidoff Signature Series
Davidoff Winston Churchill
Davidoff Year of the Dragon Limited Edition 2024
Deadwood Tobacco by Drew Estate
Diamond Crown Black Diamond
Diamond Crown Julius Caeser
Diamond Crown Maduro
Diamond Crown Maximus
Diamond Crown Natural
Don Lino Africa
Don Lino Connecticut
Don Lino Maduro
Don Pepin Garcia 20th Anniversary Limited Edition
Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label
Doña Lydia by Excelsior
Drew Estate 20 Acre Farm
Drew Estate ACID 20
Drew Estate ACID Cigars
Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Brazilian Maduro
Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Habano
Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Norteno
Drew Estate Isla Del Sol Maduro
Drew Estate Isla Del Sol Sun Grown
Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured
Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Rat & Swamp Thang
Drew Estate Liga Privada Papas Fritas
Drew Estate Liga Privada T-52
Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Series
Drew Estate MUWAT Cigars
Drew Estate Nica Rustica
Drew Estate Nica Rustica Adobe
Drew Estate Tabak Especial Dulce
Drew Estate Tabak Especial Negra
Drew Estate Undercrown 10
Drew Estate Undercrown Dojo Dogma 2022
Drew Estate Undercrown Dojo Dogma Maduro 2021
Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro
Drew Estate Undercrown Shade
Drew Estate Undercrown Sun Grown
Drew Estate Undercrown Sun Grown Dojo Dogma
E.P. Carrillo Allegiance
E.P. Carrillo Encore
E.P. Carrillo Inch Maduro
E.P. Carrillo Inch Natural
E.P. Carrillo Inch Nicaragua
E.P. Carrillo La Historia
E.P. Carrillo Maduro
E.P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut
E.P. Carrillo Platinum Bash
E.P. Carrillo Pledge
E.P. Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance Limited Edition 2023
E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2023
E.P. Carrillo Sumatra
E.P. Carrillo TGS 2023 Exclusive Release
Eiroa PCA Exclusive
Eiroa The First 20 Years
Eiroa The First 20 Years Colorado
El Artista Big Papi by David Ortiz
El Artista Exactus Connecticut
El Artista Exactus Maduro
El Artista Pulita 60 Aniversario
El Artista The Slugger by David Ortiz
El Gueguense
El Mago El Cubano
El Mago Miami Art Deco Edition
El Mago Mistico
El Mago Pepe
El Mago Solstice
El Mago The Miami Maduro
El Mago Triunfante
El Rey Del Mundo
El Septimo Empress Sheba Collection
El Septimo The Culinary Art Collection
El Septimo The Emperor Collection
El Septimo The Luxus Collection
El Septimo The Sacred Arts Collection
El Septimo The Zaya Collection
El Titan de Bronze Redemption
Epic Corojo
Epic Habano
Epic La Rubia
Epic Maduro
Espinosa 10 Year Anniversary
Espinosa 601 Black Label
Espinosa @ZUCAR
Espinosa Crema
Espinosa Habano Cigars
Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Chef Special 2023
Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Chef Special 2024
Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Chef's Special Limited Edition
Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Connecticut
Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Habano
Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Maduro
Espinosa La Zona 10 Year Anniversary
Espinosa Laranja Azulejo
Espinosa Laranja Reserva
Espinosa Laranja Reserva Escuro
Espinosa Las 6 Provincias ZDT
Espinosa Murcielago De Oro TAA 2023
Espinosa Sumatra
Ferio Tego Metropolitan Connecticut
Ferio Tego Metropolitan Habano
Ferio Tego Metropolitan Host
Ferio Tego Metropolitan Maduro
Ferio Tego Metropolitan Selection
Ferio Tego Summa
Ferio Tego Timeless Black TGS 2023 Limited Edition
Ferio Tego Timeless Limited 10 Years
Ferio Tego Timeless Panamericana
Ferio Tego Timeless Prestige
Ferio Tego Timeless Sterling
Ferio Tego Timeless Supreme
Ferio Tego Timeless TAA 2023 Limited Edition
Fiat Lux by Luciano Cigars
Fonseca by My Father
Foundation Cigars Olmec Claro
Foundation Cigars Olmec Maduro
Foundation Cigars Wise Man Corojo
Foundation Cigars Wise Man Maduro
Foundation Highclere Castle Senetjer
Gato Negro
God Of Fire Angelenos
God Of Fire By Carlito
God of Fire by Don Carlos
God of Fire Sencillo Black
God of Fire Sencillo Platinum
God of Fire Serie Aniversario
God of Fire Serie B
God of Fire Serie B Maduro
Gran Habano 20th Anniversary
Gran Habano Black Dahlia
Gran Habano Blue in Green
Gran Habano Corojo #5
Gran Habano La Conquista
Gran Habano Persian Type Mod
Guardian of the Farm
Guardian of the Farm Cerberus
Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch
Gurkha 35th Anniversary
Gurkha Castle Hall Nicaragua
Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15yr
Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15yr Limitada
Gurkha Cellar Reserve 18yr
Gurkha Classic Havana Blend
Gurkha Coleccion Especial
Gurkha Ghost
Gurkha Ghost Gold
Gurkha Heritage
Gurkha Nicaragua
Gurkha Nicaraguan Coleccion Especial TAA 2023
Gurkha Real
Gurkha Revenant Corojo
Gurkha Revenant Maduro
Gurkha Royal Challenge
Gurkha San Miguel
Gurkha Treinta 30th Anniversary
Gurkha Tyson 2.0 Undisputed Habano
Gurkha Tyson 2.0 Undisputed Maduro
Gurkha Year of the Dragon
H Upmann 1844 Reserve
H. Upmann 1844 Special Edition Barbier
H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez
H. Upmann Connecticut Grupo de Maestros
H. Upmann Hermans Batch
H. Upmann Nicaragua AJ Fernandez Heritage
H. Upmann The Banker
H. Upmann The Banker Daytrader
Henry Clay War Hawk
Highclere Castle
Highclere Castle Victorian
Hiram & Solomon Entered Apprentice
Hiram & Solomon Fellow Craft
Hiram & Solomon Grand Architect
Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man
Howard G All Pro Series
Howard G Black Moses
Howard G Magic Stick
Hoyo De Monterrey
Hoyo De Monterrey Excalibur
Hoyo La Amistad Black
Hoyo La Amistad Dark Sumatra
HVC 10th Anniversary
HVC 500 Aniversario
HVC Cerro Maduro
HVC Cerro Natural
HVC Edicion Especial 2015 Maduro
HVC Havana City Seleccion No.1 Maduro
HVC Hot Cake Maduro
HVC La Rosa 520 Rare of Rare
HVC Vieja Cosecha #2
Illusione Allegria
Illusione Candela
Illusione Cigars Prive Corojo
Illusione Cigars Prive SA Maduro
Illusione Cruzado
Illusione Epernay
Illusione Fume D'Amour
Illusione Garagiste
Illusione Gigantes
Illusione Maduro
Illusione Original Documents Cigars
Illusione Rothchilds
Illusione Singulare
Illusione ULTRA
Island Jim #2 Connecticut
Island Jim by Oscar #2
Island Jim San Andres
Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial
Java Latte by Drew Estate
Java Maduro by Drew Estate
Java Mint by Drew Estate
JFR Lunatic Maduro
JFR Lunatic Perfecto Loco Maduro
JFR Lunatic Torch
Joya De Nicaragua Antano 1970
Joya de Nicaragua Antano Connecticut
Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta
Joya de Nicaragua Cinco de Cinco
Joya de Nicaragua Cinco Décadas
Joya De Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco
Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco TAA Exclusive
Joya de Nicaragua Numero Uno
Joya Red
JSK Jas Sum Kral Nuggless
JSK Jas Sum Kral Nuggs
JSK Jas Sum Kral Red Knight
JSK Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0
JSK Jas Sum Kral Toothpick 2.0 Habano Maduro Barberpole
JSK Jas Sum Kral Tyrannical Buc Connecticut
JSK Jas Sum Kral Tyrannical Buc Maduro
Kafie 1901 Don Fernando Maduro
Kafie 1901 Ecuador Connecticut
Kafie 1901 Mexico San Andres Maduro Box Pressed
Kristoff Connecticut
Kristoff GC Signature Series
Kristoff Habano
Kristoff Nicaragua
Kristoff Sumatra
Kristoff Tres Compadres
Kristoff Vengeance
L'Atelier Roxy
La Aroma de Cuba
La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial
La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor
La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva
La Aurora 100 Años
La Aurora 107
La Aurora 107 Maduro
La Aurora 107 Nicaragua
La Aurora 115th Anniversary
La Aurora 1903 Cameroon
La Aurora 1962 Corojo
La Aurora 1985 Maduro
La Aurora 1987 Connecticut
La Aurora Hors d’Age
La Aurora Preferido Tubos
La Aurora Puro Vintage 2008
La Flor Dominicana 1994
La Flor Dominicana Air Bender
La Flor Dominicana Capitulo II
La Flor Dominicana Chapter 1 Chisel
La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero
La Flor Dominicana La Nox
La Flor Dominicana La Volcada
La Flor Dominicana Ligero
La Flor Dominicana Ligero Cabinet Oscuro Natural
La Flor Dominicana Oro Tubo
La Flor Dominicana Solis
La Gloria Cubana
La Gloria Cubana Criollo De Oro
La Gloria Cubana Eighth Street
La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo
La Gloria Cubana Serie R
La Gloria Cubana Serie S
La Mission du L'Atelier
La Palina 125 Anos
La Palina 1948
La Palina Black Label
La Palina Blue Label
La Palina Bronze Label
La Palina Classic Connecticut
La Palina Classic Maduro
La Palina El Año 1896 Oscuro
La Palina Family Series Miami Pasha
La Palina Fuego Verde
La Palina Goldie
La Palina KB Series
La Palina Nicaragua
La Palina Red Label
La Palina Silver Label
La Palina White Label TAA Exclusive
La Sirena LT
La Sirena Mexican Mermaid
La Sirena Original
Leaf By Collection
Leaf by Oscar 10th Anniversary 10th Anniversary Criollo
Leaf By Oscar Connecticut
Leaf By Oscar Maduro
Leaf by Oscar Sumatra
League of Fat Bastards Serie L
León Jimenes
LeRoy Neiman 2023 Collector's Edition
Los Statos Deluxe
Lost & Found Cannibal & Mind Melter
Lost & Found Paradise Lost
Luciano Foreign Affair
Luciano Maria Lucia
Luciano Mas Igneus
Luciano The Sergeant
Luciano Y Panda
M By Macanudo
Macanudo Cafe
Macanudo Emissary España
Macanudo Estate Reserve Flint Knoll Release No. 2
Macanudo Flint Knoll Estate Reserve
Macanudo Gold Label
Macanudo Inspirado Green
Macanudo Inspirado Orange
Macanudo Inspirado Red
Macanudo Inspirado White
Macho Raton by Foundation Cigars
Maniac by Sindicato
Matilde Oscura
Matilde Quadrata
Matilde Serena
Matilde Serena Maduro
Mayflower Dawn
Mayflower Dusk
McFly by Oscar Valladares
Menelik by Foundation Cigars
Mi Querida Black PapaSaka by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Mi Querida Black SakaKhan by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Mi Querida by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Mi Querida Triqui Traca by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Micallef Black
Micallef Blue
Micallef Connecticut
Micallef Experiencia La Crema
Micallef Grande Bold Ligero
Micallef Grande Bold Maduro
Micallef Grande Bold Mata Fina
Micallef Grande Bold Nicaragua
Micallef Grande Bold Sumatra
Micallef Herencia Habano
Micallef Herencia Maduro
Micallef Leyenda
Micallef Migdalia
Micallef Migdalia Special Edition
Micallef Reata
Micallef Torcedores
Micallef “A”
Monte by Montecristo
Monte By Montecristo from AJ Fernandez
Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Edición Diamante
Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua
Montecristo Classic
Montecristo Epic
Montecristo Epic Craft Cured
Montecristo Epic Vintage 12
Montecristo Espada
Montecristo Espada Estoque
Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition
Montecristo Nicaragua Series
Montecristo Platinum Series
Montecristo TGS 2023 Exclusive Release
Montecristo White Label
Montecristo White Label Churchill Glass Tube SI Exclusive
Murcielago Box Press
My Father by Pepin Garcia
My Father Connecticut
My Father Don Pepin Vintage Edition
My Father El Centurion
My Father El Centurion H-2K-CT
My Father Flor de las Antillas
My Father Flor de las Antillas Maduro
My Father Fonseca Mexican Edition
My Father La Antiguedad
My Father La Gran Oferta
My Father La Opulencia
My Father La Promesa
My Father Le Bijou 1922 by Pepin Garcia
My Father The Judge
My Father Vegas Cubanas
Nat Cicco Anniversario 1965
Nat Cicco Elephant Ears
Nestor Miranda Special Selection
Nub Cameroon Cigars by Oliva
Nub Connecticut Cigars by Oliva
Nub Habano Cigars by Oliva
Nub Maduro Cigars by Oliva
Nub Nuance By Oliva
Oliva Connecticut Reserve
Oliva Master Blend 3
Oliva Serie G
Oliva Serie G Maduro
Oliva Serie O Habano
Oliva Serie O Maduro
Oliva Serie V
Oliva Serie V 135th Anniversary Edicion Limitada
Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial
Oliva Serie V Melanio
Oliva Serie V Melanio Casa de Montecristo Exclusive
Oliva Serie V Melanio Edición Año 2023
Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro
Olmec by Foundation Cigars Claro & Maduro
Onyx Bold Nicaragua
Oz Family Cigars Firsat
Ozgener Family Cigars Aramas
Ozgener Family Cigars Bosphorus
Ozgener Family Cigars Pi Synesthesia Limited Edition 2022
Ozgener Family Cigars Pi Synesthesia Red 2023
Padron Anniversary 1926 Maduro
Padron Anniversary 1926 Natural
Padron Anniversary 1926 No. 47 TAA
Padron Anniversary 1926 No. 48 TAA
Padron Anniversary 1964 Family Reserve
Padron Anniversary 1964 Maduro
Padron Anniversary 1964 Natural
Padron Anniversary 1964 Series Soberano and Presidente
Padron Anniversary 1964 TAA Toro
Padron Damaso
Padron Family Reserve No. 95
Padron Family Reserve No. 96
Padron Maduro Cigars
Padron Natural Cigars
Partagas Black Label
Partagas Cortado
Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut
Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro
Perdomo 20th Anniversary Sun Grown
Perdomo 30th Anniversary
Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut
Perdomo 30th Anniversary Maduro
Perdomo 30th Anniversary Sungrown
Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage
Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel Aged Connecticut
Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel Aged Maduro
Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel Aged Sungrown
Perdomo Inmenso Seventy
Perdomo Lot 23
Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro
Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Box-pressed Maduro
Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Box-pressed Sungrown
Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne
Perla Del Mar Corojo
Perla Del Mar Maduro
Perla Del Mar Shade
Plasencia 1865 Alma Fuerte
Plasencia Alma Del Campo
Plasencia Alma Del Fuego
Plasencia Alma del Fuego Cortez Toro - TAA Exclusive
Plasencia Alma Fuerte Colorado Claro
Plasencia Cosecha 146
Plasencia Cosecha 149
Plasencia Reserva Original
Polpetta by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Protocol Bass Reeves
Protocol Blue
Protocol Cyber Crimes Unit
Protocol Eliot Ness
Protocol F Train
Protocol Gold Themis
Protocol J Train
Protocol Phoebe Couzins
Protocol Red Probable Cause
Protocol Silver Official Misconduct
Protocol Sir Robert Peel
Punch Clasico
Punch Dad’s Home Movies
Punch Deluxe
Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua
Punch Knuckle Buster
Punch Rare Corojo
Punch Spring Roll
Recluse Amadeus Connecticut
Recluse Amadeus Habano
Recluse Amadeus Los Cabos
Recluse Draconian
Red Meat Lovers by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Rockaeller Dominican
Rockafeller Art of Magic Magician's Wand
Rockafeller Connecticut
RockaFeller Gold Series
Rockafeller Habano
Rockafeller Maduro
Rocky Patel A.L.R. 2nd Edition
Rocky Patel Cigar Smoking World Championship
Rocky Patel Dark Star
Rocky Patel DBS
Rocky Patel Decade Cigars
Rocky Patel Disciple
Rocky Patel Fifty
Rocky Patel Grand Reserve
Rocky Patel LB1
Rocky Patel Number 6
Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve
Rocky Patel Quarter Century
Rocky Patel Ray Lewis Legends 52 Toro
Rocky Patel Royale
Rocky Patel Sixty
Rocky Patel Sungrown
Rocky Patel TAVICUSA
Rocky Patel The 1865 Project
Rocky Patel The Edge 20th Anniversary
Rocky Patel The Edge Connecticut
Rocky Patel The Edge Corojo
Rocky Patel The Edge Habano
Rocky Patel The Edge Maduro
Rocky Patel The Edge Sumatra
Rocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary
Rocky Patel Twentieth Anniversary Maduro
Rocky Patel Vintage 1990
Rocky Patel Vintage 1992
Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut
Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon
Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 San Andreas
Rocky Patel White Label
Rocky Patel Winter Collection
Rocky Patel Year of the Dragon
ROMEO by Romeo and Julieta
Romeo San Andrés
Romeo y Julieta Book of Love
Romeo y Julieta Envy
Romeo y Julieta Eternal
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Nicaragua
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Nicaragua Midnight Twist
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Twisted
Room 101 10th Anniversary Toro
Room 101 12th Anniversary Limited Edition
Room 101 12th Anniversary Toro
Room 101 13th Anniversary
Room 101 14th Anniversary
Room 101 Big Payback Connecticut
Room 101 Big Payback Maduro
Room 101 Big Payback Nicaragua
Room 101 Doomsayer
Room 101 FARCE Connecticut
Room 101 FARCE Habano
Room 101 FARCE Maduro
Room 101 Farce Nicaragua
Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut
Room 101 Namakubi
Room101 Hit and Run Redux
Saint Luis Rey Carenas
San Cristobal Elegancia
San Cristobal Quintessence
San Cristobal Revelation
Sancho Panza Extra Chido
Sancho Panza Original
Sancho Panza TAA Exclusive
Sarsaparilla By Espinosa Cigars
Sin Compromiso by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka
Sindicato Artista
Sindicato Maduro
Sindicato Miami 2015
Sindicato Natural
Smoke Inn 25th Anniversary The Raji by Drew Estate
Sobremesa Brûlée by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Sobremesa Brûlée Wagashi by Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust
Sobremesa by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Sobremesa Solita by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Southern Draw 300 Hands Habano
Southern Draw Cedrus
Southern Draw Firethorn
Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder
Southern Draw Kudzu
Southern Draw Manzanita
Southern Draw Rose Of Sharon
Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Desert Rose
StillWell Star by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Summer of Saka 2024
Super Fly Connecticut by Oscar Valladares
Super Fly Maduro By Oscar Valladares
Tatuaje 10th Anniversary Capa Especial
Tatuaje 10th Anniversary Tuxtla
Tatuaje 20th Anniversary
Tatuaje 20th EL22 & RL22
Tatuaje Black Label
Tatuaje Cabaiguan
Tatuaje Havana VI
Tatuaje Havana VI Verocu Blue
Tatuaje K222
Tatuaje La Riqueza SE 2022
Tatuaje Mexican Experiment II
Tatuaje Miami
Tatuaje Nicaragua
Tatuaje Nuevitas
Tatuaje PCA 2023 Exclusive
Tatuaje Skinny Monsters
Tatuaje TAA Exclusive 2023
Tatuaje Tuxtla
The Alibi By Espinosa
The Great Smoke 2023 Exclusives
The Jeremy Piven Collection
The Oscar Habano
The Oscar Maduro
The Tabernacle Cigars by Foundation
The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142
The Upsetters by Foundation Cigars
The Wise Man Maduro
The Wise Man Maduro Firecracker
Todos Las Dias Thick Lonsdale Archived Series Y2023
Trinidad Espíritu
Trinidad Espiritu Series No. 2
Umbagog Bronzeback by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Umbagog by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
United Cigars Firecracker
United Cigars Firecracker JFR Lunatic Loco
VegaFina 1998
VegaFina Nicaragua
Wasabi by Espinosa
Weller by Cohiba 2023
Wild Hunter By Oscar Valladares
Zino Nicaragua
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