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I would like to thank john for going above and beyond customer service.he has been very helpful,I would like to deal everytime I call in for an order. Thanks john.

Mike ilardi

Fantastic customer service all around! My sticks were sent in an incredibly high quality bag and the shipping was supper fast. I had an issue with one stick in my order and the issue was resolved in a timely manner. I will definitely order from Smoke Inn again.

Daniel Poole

You guys are the best.
Courteous & prompt service
Keep it up! Love those specials.

Mike & Pam Reed

Great customer service - We are their most Tuesdays with the FCC, great customer service, they go they extra mile - knowledgeable and super friendly!

thomas souza
(boca raton)

Biggest selection anywhere. Unmatched service. Treated like gold.
Thank you so much! AAA


One Happy BOTL

(Georgetown, TX)

Now that’s what I call customer service! Just placed an order and saw I swapped the billing an shipping address, called them, quick pick up on their end. And then they handled the issues automatically as they were prepping my order. Can’t rave about this coming enough!

Elias Propes
(Whittier, CA)

Oh Dang! I believe I've just found my new favorite online cigar shop. Prices are excellent, processing times are fast, packaging is the best I've seen, and product arrives fresh & flawless. I really get a feeling that the staff at Smoke Inn care and go above and beyond to please their patrons. I'm hooked and unless someone tells me that Smoke Inn is owned by one of the other major online retailers; I will be making all my online cigar purchases "national" with Smoke Inn if you get what I'm saying. I've tried the rest and found the best. Thanks Smoke Inn and keep doing what you're doing! Brian Omaha, NE

(Gretna, NE)

You guys are great! I had a slight mix with my on-line order and when I called customer service you treated me great. Without hesitation you sent me what I was missing in my order and were pleasant during the entire conversation. You have a happy customer who will be ordering many more cigars from SmokeInn.

Thomas McNair

I can't say enough good things about SmokeInn. Their customer service is excellent with very quick delivery. Thank you, AJ! Their selection is endless and every cigar is premium. In the past, I was ordering from other cigar suppliers and there is no comparison. I highly recommend SmokeInn for anyone looking for a great smoke and impeccable service!

Gina Schneider
(San Jose, CA)

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