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Cigar Dojo 2015 Top 5 Cigars of the Year Sampler

Cigar Dojo 2015 Top 5 Cigars of the Year Sampler

2015 was a banner year in the cigar industry. Some of the best cigars in recent memory were released this past year. So many good cigars in fact that it’s difficult to know the best ones to try. Thankfully our good friends at the Cigar Dojo have made it easy with the "Cigar Dojo 2015 Top 5 Cigars of the Year Sampler".

Unlike most "Best of the Year" lists, Cigar Dojo's selection features only cigars that are new, affordable, and readily available - making it easy for the 'average joe" to sample the year’s best. Smoke Inn has teamed up with Cigar Dojo to offer the official Best Cigars of 2015 sampler pack, it’s the only place on the web where you’ll find the "Top 5" at the most affordable price!

Purchase the 5 best cigars of 2015 in one convenient sampler pack, you won’t find this exclusive offer anywhere else!

Let Master Sensei and the Cigar Dojo community treat you to a tour of the best of the best from 2015.

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1- Flor de D'Crossier Selection No. 512 (Coronas Gordas 5.5x46)

1- Camacho American Barrel-Aged (Toro 6x50)

1- El Güegüense - Foundation Cigar Co. (Corona Gorda 5.625 x 46)

1- Undercrown Shade (Robusto 5x54)

1- Sobremesa - Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (Cervantes Fino 6.25 x 46)

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