Cigar Tee
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Cigar Tee

Fits perfectly in a golf cart tee holder and can hold up to a 60 ring gauge cigar!

Cigars and golf. Golf and cigars. The two are an inseparable pair that would make Bonnie and Clyde, Joanie and Chachi, even peanut butter and jelly envious!

And while the two leisurely activities make for perfect harmony between holes, it’s not always the easiest task juggling your various clubs and accessories while keeping that stogie lit. That’s where the Cigar Tee comes in! Simply punch the Tee into the green like you were preparing for the tee shot and you’re set - now you have a built-in cigar holder that will accommodate even your most eccentric vitolas! No more ash on your shirt, face, clubs - you get the idea. Now, if only we had one of these that could handle cocktails…



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