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Hi - I just received my first order (Box of Brickhouse Corona Larga) from you. The order arrived quickly (today - placed the order Sunday). Along with the order was a nice Arturo Ornament - nice touch. There was also a hand written thank you note - VERY nice touch. In these days of the internet and email the Thank You note seems to be becoming extinct. I still write them - and appreciate others who do as well. Thanks - and I will continue to order from you!

S. Fiore, Pennsylvania

I just wanted to check out the website and let you guys know that the Grand Opening in Pompano Beach was high class. I enjoyed it very much and couldnt stop telling all of my friends about it. I am a Police Officer in Coconut Creek and alot of the guys need a place to sit back and relax with a nice fat cigar. We will be stopping by again soon. GOOD JOB!! By the way, the Ming Dynasty price you are advertising is the best I have ever seen. My buddy just bought me a box from the location last week for my birthday. THANKS!!

F. Hofer, Flordia

I recently purchased a box of AVO LE 07 cigars, one of my favorites and the free swag that comes with it. Included in the box was more free swag and a hand written letter from Michael, the general manager. That was a very nice gesture and service like that is not common these days. I will highly recommend Smoke Inn to all of my cigar smoking friends from now on!

J Poole, Texas

Thanks you. As a first time customer to your site I was thoroughly impressed. Living in PA I have a company that I usually use for my mail order stuff, but I thonk I found a new one. The speed in which I received my order from Fla was incredible. About the same time frame I receive my stuff from in state. The quality of the cigars is top notch I I couldnt believe the amount of "extras" included. Thank you again and Ill be dealing with you guys again soon.

R Wells

I would like to personally thank the President of your organizaton Mr. Abe MING Dababne, for sending me the newcomers package along with my order. I sincerely appreciate the thought behind that. I received my Oliva Series V Maduro's in excellent condition and am enjoying one as am sending this message. I find your cigars to be very resonably priced, and will be ordering a lot more from you in the future. I have been an avid cigar smoker for over 30 years and truly appreciate a fine cigar at all times. Again thanks for your thoughtful gesture.

J.Roman, Phoenix

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