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Great online store, hope to get down Florida to stop in the actual store!

A. Perez

Hi Abe & Michael,

I suspected I would hear from you guys and it would be to help, but you have exceeded my expectations, with your quick responses and offers to rectify. The Mings were the only real concern of mine. The other items were more informational to help you in preventing mistakes that another customer might have a problem with. I've had very good dealings with you guys and was happy to provide feedback.

So I really wanted to try an Anarchy before responding to let you know what I thought about it. Today was a nice sunny 40 degree day in Massachusetts... so it wasnt gonna get any better but in a cigar bar lol.... So I sat on the porch and had one. When I get expensive very good cigars, I like them to be unique and different. The Anarchy is absolutely different and unique, a superb cigar. It's like taking a normal Tatuaje, JDN Corojo, and Liga Privida and combining them into 1 cigar. The flavor is strong, but not too much, with some complex tastes, I dont think I've encountered before. But I think it kicks more than most, which is good, but if your not ready for it, it can floor you. Its truely an impact cigar you'd never forget. Excellent Job!

Thanks Again for everything, its rare these days to receive above average customer service, and your obviosuly leagues above that. You have a new customer for life.

B. Aeschliman

I know that I wasn't the only person a box or two of the Tatuaje Anarchy from Abe at the Smoke Inn back in December. And yes, I was one of the one's to grab my two boxes from his "Midnight Madness" sale.

If you haven't dealt with Abe and the Smoke Inn you really need to give him future consideration. I knew that Abe was having the Tatuaje Anarchy Release Event prior to mailing out ordered boxes so I asked him if my two boxes could be autographed (one with his, Pete's and Pepin's signatures) and the other box to be signed by the members of The Odd Morals. Abe's response back to me was he'd git it done!

Both of my boxes arrived signed, Abe also included an Anarchy Hat, Smoke Inn Hat, a nice Cigar Savor Torch Lighter, a Tatuaje Cigar Box Opener and a cd of The Odd Morals doing their version of "Sympathy of the Devil" (which Abe had made for them) and lastly, a 10% discount on my next on-line order.

Thanks Abe, you are truely a good friend and BOTL'er!

Larry G. Jones
(Knightdale, NC)

Thanks very much. Y'all have great service and I'm sure I'll be a repeat customer.

BJ. Biggio

I attended my first of many events last year and was impressed and overwhelmed by the organization and presentation of the event from my arrival to the participation of the vendors to the entertainment it was "World Class".Congratulations Abe to you and your staff and thank you for your efforts and I will make it a point to thank you at the next "World Class Event" as we continue the journey.


This note is for General Manager Mike and the nice folks at Smoke Inn. Mike, you mentioned that customer service is your #1 priority, and I believe it. My shipment arrived fast, in perfect condition, and with a handwritten note (along with a free cutter--thanks!) thanking me for my business. Truly above and beyond--I will be ordering from you again, and recommending you to friends and on the online cigar forums.

Jeremy Lehrman
(New Jersey)

Just received my first order from your company an anarchy five pack. First of all thanks for offering 5 pks most don't . I 'm sure I'll love them I am Pete Johnson slut. What a great surprise to see the humi-pack. I figured I'd be putting them in one of my humidors to bring them back to life. The hand written note from your gm and the cutter was definitely a classy touch. Look forward to the smokes and thanks again for taking such great care in shipping.


Broken record. Hands down, best online retailer. Period. Great customer service. They go the distance. I've bought Padron Family Reserves 44,45&46. The original Flying Pig... when I swear the ones they sent me were the last on earth. Hand written letters. Free stuff. On and on. Happy holidays to Abe and the gang. Sorry I missed you Abe over Thanksgiving.


I love the Smoke Inn. Their customer service is 2nd to none. Abe and the guys are the best. I'm a customer for life.

Michael Z

I must say a thousand thanks. I have ordered from numerous other online sites and up to the other day not yours. That is about to change. The order that I made was not big by any means, a simple four pack of the flying pig T-52's. However the handwritten note from your general manager Michael and the free hats that you threw in made me a customer for life. To me I would rather pay a few more dollars (not saying that your more expensive, cause your not!!!), or even wait a few more days for things, knowing that the customer service like you have shown on my first order will always be there. Again kudos to you and your crew. Sincerely!

J.Sanzone, California

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