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Fonseca Nicaragua

Fonseca Nicaragua

Four hundred years after Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, and the resulting introduction of tobacco to Europe, Don Francisco E. Fonseca established his eponymous cigar factory and brand in Havana, Cuba. Fonseca’s brand became one of a select few to survive the nationalization of private businesses in the early 1960s—a brand that continues to this day. Like many other pre-embargo Habanos brands, the line saw a split between Cuban manufacture and non-Cuban. In Fonseca’s case, it was the Quesada family—a heritage of Cuban decent, with more than a century’s experience in the tobacco industry—to take the reins of the historic Fonseca name.

Quesada has overseen production of Fonseca cigars since 1963, using a Dominican-based blend to offer a mild and affordable smoking experience that is among the best values available. And while the brand has introduced various blend tweaks and special edition offshoots over the years, a certain profile had been missing from the lineup: Nicaragua! With the rich and spicy tendencies taking the modern world of premium cigars by storm, the time-honored Fonseca name is now rolled in Nicaragua for the first time. Indeed, the esteemed Plasencia family, a common partner with the Quesada family, has rolled a new smoking experience for Fonseca—incorporating a 100% Nicaraguan blend.

Fonseca Nicaragua debuts in three sizes, showcasing tobaccos from three of Nicaragua’s biggest tobacco-growing regions: Ometepe, Jalapa, and Estelí. The resulting combination showcases the quintessential characteristics of Nicaraguan tobacco—offering big flavors of earth, leather, chocolate, and fiery spice. With this fuller-bodied addition, Fonseca is no longer a “breakfast smoke,” offering an ideal alternative for midday and well into the evening. About the only aspect that hasn’t changed is… the price! Fonseca Nicaragua’s extreme value makes this a no-brainer for your next go-to smoke.

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