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Recieved the five pack of Anarchy's and can't wait to give these a try at my local smoking destination. I'm sure they'll turn some heads...in a good way I'm sure! Fantastic turn around on the shipping. Thank you much!!

(Houston, TX)

I rrecieved my first order from SmokeINN. iT came with a handwritten letter thanking me for my order . This was a nice refreshing gesture that will make me coming back for more... thanks guys p.s. cool hat too thanks !..

michael d'ambrosia

When my local B&M doesn't have what I'm looking for, I never hesitate to go out to the smokeinn.com site to get what I need.
I work for my local B&M and understand what customer service is about and how important a knowledgable staff is. The people at Smoke Inn have been top notch and take care of you from the time of your order, until you open your package - always sending a personalized hand written note.

Thanks to all at Smoke Inn for making me the happiest guy in town on mail delivery day!

Jimmy Turner
(St. Louis, MO)

Wow! To say I am impressed wouldn't be enough. I recently ordered (last week) a box of Anarchy from your online store. And not only did I get the box in a couple days, but I also received a free Anarchy hat! But I would have to say the one thing that really impressed me was the hand written note from Ben that came with the cigars. I get a lot of my sticks online, and this is the first time I felt like I was buying cigars from an actual human, and fellow cigar lover. So thanks again and keep up the great work! I will be sure to spread the word about Smoke Inn. Nick

Nick Botner
(Naples, FL)

When I moved to West Palm a few months ago I stumbled upon Smoke Inn. With no experience in cigars at all I expected the people there to almost cast me aside. Not only did they walk me through and teach me somewhat of what to look for, but they were the friendliest most helpful people I have ever seen at any retail store. I can only thank the men and women at Smoke Inn for the help you gave, you have made me a customer for life.

Sam Toops
(west palm beach, Florida)

I just received my order of a 5 pack of Anarchy's. Your method of packaging is the best I have ever come across and the hand written note and cap were above and beyond. Your selection of hard to find cigars and outstanding customer service has just made you my first, second and third choice for cigars. Thank you and keep up the superior work. Hugh Russell

Hugh Russell
(Amarillo, TX)

I recently placed an order for my first time and i want to say Thank you for prompt service and exellent quality of the cigars i ordered. I recently found your in psl west which had impressed me with just the friendly & comfortable atmosphere in there. I was also invited to one of your events at that time although i couldnt attend. The Personal signed note appreciating my business with my mail order won me over. You definately have my future business. Thank You.

Corey Curtis

Placed my first order and couldn't be happier. I ordered a fiver of illusione turbo on the review and advice of nice tight ash. The shipping was faster than I expected coming from the opposite coast. I really apreciate the humidipak included not to mention the free hat. Thanks again will be placing another order real soon.

Brian Selby
(Riverside, CA)

Hey guys. I recently made my first purchase with you, and not only did you fulfill it perfectly, but you sent me a hat and 3 matchbooks. I just want to say thanks. The reason I purchased from you in the first place is b/c you have 2 Tatuaje sticks that I could not find anywhere, and your prices were fair. FYI, Tatuaje special edition smokes are some of the headrest to find and most sought-after cigars I know of, so if you could continue to fight to get your hands on more and more limited edition Tats you will deep the benefits, I assure you. Anyway, thank you for doing a great job with my order and for the hat and matches (most shops are too stingy with their matches). I buy hundreds of dollars worth of cigars a week from multiple sites, and it's nice to find another dependable proprietor. Keep up the good work

Christian Larsen
(Ocean, NJ)

Ahhhh... the best part about writing testimonials is seeing the ones from satisfied new customers. Yes folks, SmokeInn always has promo customer service, the added touch of personal thank yous, free stuff and GREAT CIGARS. Received my Padron Family Reserves, 45 & 46. Thanks for the surprise Carlos Toranos. Yes it has been a couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay in my testimonial. And for new customers, if you haven't already, add Smoke Inn on Facebook!

Jeff Terry
(Hagerstown, IN)

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