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Received my cigars today. Thanks for the personal note. Definitely a nice touch. Cigars look great and thanks for the Liga Privada matches!
Aloha from Honoululu, Hawaii

Randal Kong

Fantastic customer service, fantastic packaging, speedy delivery, and the personal touches are really appreciated. SI is part of a very small group of retailers who truly deserve to be called "BOTL's".


Best customer service EVER! Talked to them on the phone and they were informative and NEVER tried to oversell me. Recieved my order, and with it was a HAND written note saying thank you for your order and a quote of the day. I'll order from Smoke Inn any day of the week.

David Lemon
(Madison Heights, Michigan)

Got my order in quickly, all smokes packed with humi pak's, a nice hat (for free!) and a hand written thank you note. Top notch stuff, Smoke Inn! I will most certainly be back, sooner than later.


Received the Cigar Obsession Sampler today...thanks so much for the fast shipping, and also for tossing in a beautiful hat! Wow! Will definitely be ordering from you guys again! Sincerely, Kevin

(Glendale, CA)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take some time out of my day to give a big thank you to Smoke Inn! Never in my liffe have I been treated so well with a company. I received my order and discovered a problem with one of the cigars I ordered. I decided to give Smoke Inn a call and they were more then willing to replace the cigar! They are alway quick and prompt about assisting my every need! Thanks Smoke Inn. I am a customer for life!!!!

Derek Straus
(Moscow, ID)

Hey guys, I just wanted to take a second to say how impressed I am with your dedication to customer service. I just received my order today and what was the first thing I saw when I opened the box? A hand written note from John saying how much he appreciated my business. I just have to say that little touches like this truly have an impact in today's world, where the most you'll get from ordering online is a simple packing slip in the box. Aside from that, the packaging was perfectly done and all the cigars were in great condition. You can bet the next time I go to order cigars online, it'll be from Smoke Inn! Keep it up Abe, John, and company! Sincerely, Jordan Stoner

Jordan Stoner
(Independence, MO)

I'll keep it simple- great cigar selection with great people who care about the customer as much as their cigars. I would fly to Florida just to see these people as much as to see my friends living there.
Now, if I can just persuade them to start carrying boxes of the LFD Double-Press, I would never shop anywhere else- period (and I have a great cigar store here where I live, so that's really saying something).
You people are great! -Rob B. in San Diego

Rob B.
(San Diego, CA)

I just got my hidden treasure sampler in the mail and I was just expecting some cigars, but I was very happy to see a Smokeinn cutter and more important was the hand written note. You guys just got another customer for life. Thank You

(S ozone park, NY)

We had a cigar dinner with packs of 5 cigars chosen for us by Abe and it was a monster success. The guys LOVED all the choices (especially the Anarchy) and now want to do this every month.

Abe and his staff at Smoke Inn made this party what it was - the fantastic packaging, the great selection of cigars, the speedy shipping... the list goes on.

You just gained 10 new customers and me as your newest fan. Many thanks again. We'll be back.


Gwen Roesel
(Cincinnati, OH)

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