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JSK Jas Sum Kral Nuggs

JSK Jas Sum Kral Nuggs

Gather 'round, compadres, it's high time we discussed your intensions with that dirty weed you've been smoking. Yes, tobacco—that dirty weed that satisfies no normal need—the worst darn stuff you've ever seen... you know you like it! Wait, what weed were you thinking of???

Yes, we're quite sure that when Graham Lee Hemminger wrote the botched poem above, he certainly never thought any portion of the cannabis plant would ever make it into that dirty weed he so enjoyed. Fast forward 100 years and boutique cigar wunderkind Riste Ristevski (owner of Jas Sum Kral) has moved the needle in terms of premium cigars and cannabis-based products, infusing a Habano-wrapped blend with 20mg of cannabidiol (CBD).

Introducing the JSK Nuggs, a cigar that takes the conventional ideology that premium cigars equal premium relaxation and elevates the concept to a whole new level. As you may (or may not) be aware, CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis; however, differing from the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoid, CBD does not offer the same psychoactive results. Instead, CBD has begun to gain recognition for its health benefits, including treating/aiding anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, pain, and on, and on, and on... In short, JSK Nuggs may have the terminology of something that would alter your faculties, but in actuality, you're likely to simply feel a little more relaxed during your smoking session.

To accomplish the feat, Riste Ristevski incorporated an undisclosed binder/filler recipe, which is finalized in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The finished cigars are then sent to Colorado, where the CBD infusion process is performed. Smokers can expect a medium body and flavor components of cedar, cabinet spices, wild herbs, sage, lemon grass, earth, and buttered nuts.

So fire up a JSK Nuggs, grab a bag of Funyuns, and pop in that old Cheech 'n Chong DVD (scratch that—VHS), you're about to experience what Graham Lee Hemminger was really gettin' after!

  • Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
  • Strength : Medium
  • Wrapper : Habano


Pack: 25
Size: 4.5 x 48
Smoke Inn Price : $269.95
Retail Price: $300.00
Pack: 5
Size: 4.5 x 48
Smoke Inn Price : $60.00
Pack: 10
Size: 4.5 x 48
Smoke Inn Price : $215.95
Retail Price: $240.00
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Pack: 5
Size: 4.5 x 48
Smoke Inn Price : $120.00
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Category Rating

Customer Reviews

  • Jason Chappell - JSK Jas Sum Kral Nuggs Habano 20mg
    Very surprised at how good this cigar was.
  • Carlos Line-Torres - JSK Jas Sum Kral Nuggs Habano 20mg
    This is an interesting experiment. It has very unique flavors and was overall a pretty good cigar
  • Michelle Pauser - JSK Jas Sum Kral Nuggs Habano 20mg - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    When you want to semi-chill and get mild CBD benefits, this is your cigar. It's no gimmick...this cigar is legit with the CBD as well as fantastic construction and taste. Government employee? Go with the Nuggless (also found on the Smoke Inn website) and get the same great cigar minus the CBD.
  • Quinton Nation - JSK Jas Sum Kral Nuggs Maduro 100mg
    A breakthrough in invention, this cigar is infused with 100mg of CBD oil, that gives you that relaxation feeling even more while smoking this cigar. Please note that this cigar could make you fail a drug test.
  • Timothy Beaulieu - JSK Jas Sum Kral Nuggs Maduro 100mg - 5 Pack (Verified buyer)
    Nugg comes in two variations: An Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with 20mg of CBD and a Mexican San Andrés Maduro with 100mg of CBD. I tried the 100mg ones. First, I recommend using a straight cut versus a V cut as the cap came off. No biggie. The draw is light and I got flavors of earthy cedar. Some chocolate in the 2nd third. The burn is perfect. Retrohale is great as this is a mild to medium cigar. The CBD does seem to “mellow” you. But then again, what cigar doesn’t?

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