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What do you do when you receive literally the most historic and extremely limited product EVER made in the history of this industry?? YOU GIVE IT AWAY!?!?
Well, at least that is what we are doing. That is right! We are giving away this epic and historic box of 40 cigars that brought two of the most legendary families in the cigar industry together to honor the legacies of their family patriarchs, Carlos A. Fuente Sr. and José O. Padrón. The Legends are Forever box comes with twenty masterfully blended cigars from the Padron Family and twenty masterfully blended cigars from the Fuente Family. While the retail value of this extraordinary box of cigars in valued at approximately $7,200.00, it truly is a priceless piece of history. Everyone here at Smoke Inn felt it would be a shame to break this box up in any fashion. This historic piece of art needs to remain intact and end up in the hands of one lucky aficionado. What better way to do it than to give every single person an opportunity by simply doing what they love, enjoying some of their favorite cigars. So how can you be automatically entered to win this amazing package? Simply purchase any of the select boxes from the Arturo Fuente or Padron promotional pages during the months of April, May and June, and you will be automatically entered. You will receive ONE ENTRY FOR EACH box you purchase from the promotional pages throughout the promotional period! The drawing will be held via LIVE broadcast on July 3rd, 7:00pm EST. What better way to celebrate Independence Day!

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