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AVO Regional Editions 2019

AVO Regional Editions 2019

Not unlike the all-star games of your youth, or the rap battles of the '90s, or even the modern-day war that rages over IPA ale styles, AVO Cigars' latest offering pits the east coast against the west!

Enter the AVO Regional Series, a special project that showcases two unique cigars (both in blend and size), intended to be offered exclusively to smokers on the east or west side of the country. Now, as much fun as it may have been for us—located in The Sunshine State—to sit back and smoke our AVO Regional East Edition cigars, scoffing at those sorry westerners, we decided to flip the script, make a few calls, and offer smokers the chance to try BOTH CIGARS!

AVO Regional East Edition

Apart from giving you a sudden craving for lobster and thin pizza, this eastern Yankee knows how to turn a few heads. Almost unrecognizable from the AVO of old, the East Edition arrives in vibrant blue boxes, complete with background imagery of the East Coast. The cigars are the more shapely of the two, being rolled in 6" x 55 perfecto format. The blend begins with a dark Ecuadorian wrapper, secured over a Dominican binder and fillers of both the DR and Nicaragua. Smokers can expect a medium body and a dynamic flavor ride as the cigar burns through its many ring gauge changes, including nuances of florals, cabinet spices, citrus, barnyard leather, and sweet cashews.

AVO Regional West Edition

Sure, you may not go so far as to take this smoke for a spin on the waves of the Pacific, but it's more than capable of handling a beachside bonfire afterwards! AVO Regional West Edition arrives in bright orange packaging, complete with West Coast surfing imagery in the background. The cigars boast a similar blend to their East-side siblings, however, a few tweaks have been made. The West Edition showcases the same Ecuadorian wrapper, enclosing a Dominican-based binder; but the filler is quite different, including both Dominican and Honduran (not something you'll see from AVO very often) long-leaf tobaccos. Rolled in an elegant 5½" x 56 torpedo shape, smokers will be treated to a silky smoking texture and long-lasting flavors of fiery spice, toasty cedar, earth, medium-roast coffee, and a subtle stone-fruit sweetness throughout the finish.

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