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I love the Smoke Inn. Their customer service is 2nd to none. Abe and the guys are the best. I'm a customer for life.

Michael Z

I must say a thousand thanks. I have ordered from numerous other online sites and up to the other day not yours. That is about to change. The order that I made was not big by any means, a simple four pack of the flying pig T-52's. However the handwritten note from your general manager Michael and the free hats that you threw in made me a customer for life. To me I would rather pay a few more dollars (not saying that your more expensive, cause your not!!!), or even wait a few more days for things, knowing that the customer service like you have shown on my first order will always be there. Again kudos to you and your crew. Sincerely!

J.Sanzone, California

Hi - I just received my first order (Box of Brickhouse Corona Larga) from you. The order arrived quickly (today - placed the order Sunday). Along with the order was a nice Arturo Ornament - nice touch. There was also a hand written thank you note - VERY nice touch. In these days of the internet and email the Thank You note seems to be becoming extinct. I still write them - and appreciate others who do as well. Thanks - and I will continue to order from you!

S. Fiore, Pennsylvania

I just wanted to check out the website and let you guys know that the Grand Opening in Pompano Beach was high class. I enjoyed it very much and couldnt stop telling all of my friends about it. I am a Police Officer in Coconut Creek and alot of the guys need a place to sit back and relax with a nice fat cigar. We will be stopping by again soon. GOOD JOB!! By the way, the Ming Dynasty price you are advertising is the best I have ever seen. My buddy just bought me a box from the location last week for my birthday. THANKS!!

F. Hofer, Flordia

I recently purchased a box of AVO LE 07 cigars, one of my favorites and the free swag that comes with it. Included in the box was more free swag and a hand written letter from Michael, the general manager. That was a very nice gesture and service like that is not common these days. I will highly recommend Smoke Inn to all of my cigar smoking friends from now on!

J Poole, Texas

Thanks you. As a first time customer to your site I was thoroughly impressed. Living in PA I have a company that I usually use for my mail order stuff, but I thonk I found a new one. The speed in which I received my order from Fla was incredible. About the same time frame I receive my stuff from in state. The quality of the cigars is top notch I I couldnt believe the amount of "extras" included. Thank you again and Ill be dealing with you guys again soon.

R Wells

I would like to personally thank the President of your organizaton Mr. Abe MING Dababne, for sending me the newcomers package along with my order. I sincerely appreciate the thought behind that. I received my Oliva Series V Maduro's in excellent condition and am enjoying one as am sending this message. I find your cigars to be very resonably priced, and will be ordering a lot more from you in the future. I have been an avid cigar smoker for over 30 years and truly appreciate a fine cigar at all times. Again thanks for your thoughtful gesture.

J.Roman, Phoenix

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