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Found you via SNS club and just made my first purchase (5 Anarchy and 5 El Hijo). There was a hat and a nice handwritten thank you from Michael Walstrom hitch hiking in the box. First Class! Looking forward to future business. Matt (BEAR99 on SNS)

Matt Zaccheo
(Richland, MI)

I received my box of Padron Anniversary SI-15 maduro cigars yesterday. I cut and lit one of them as soon as I got home from work. Wow - what a great cigar!
I now have a new favorite cigar and a new online supplier.
I ordered another box of them last night.
thank you,

Randy Spence
(Baltinore, Maryland)

Just wanted to send a quick note from Iraq. Got my Tatuaje Anarchys the other day and was super stoked with the shipping and appreciate the free hat that I got. Cigars help me relax from the stresses of a deployment so that was a cool added bonus. I will definately be ordering from you again. Thank You Rob Fischer

Robert Fischer

Once again you guys are the best ! I had an item on the my notify list and you came through. I just recieved it and one of those new Xikar Ash Cans (great concept, Wish I would of thought of it). Shipped and recieved very quick. And the hand written note is a touch that never gets old. Thanks Brandon !

All the best, Bill

William Barrett
(Appleton, NY)

Smoke Inn Thanks again for the great cigars. My order got here in two days and was packed nice. Your site makes the others look very amateur. Well done. JK

Jeremy Kalata
(San Diego, CA)

I just placed my second order with you guys. The first order arrived within 5 days, good packaging job, arrived in perfect condition... The cigars were fresh and are very enjoyable. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. I have also passed along your website to my smoking buddies. Thanks Again

Jim Howarth
(Quincy, MA.)

You are my new cigar guy!

(Toms River, NJ)

THANKS! Just received my first order from your establishment....a box of your LE joint venture with Pete Johnson...the Tatuaje Anarchy. Hats off to ya...you've got customer service down! The box showed up with extra goodies (hat and cutter) and a letter thanking me for the purchase. Look forward to buying more from you. Really look forward to trying the new sticks.

Dave Blanchat
(Bakersfield, CA)

I received my order from you today. Thank you very much for getting it to me so quickly and for the extra hats and cigar cutter. I really appreciate it. I'm going to hand the hats out to a couple of the guys from the cigar club we started here. Again, thank you. It is very much appreciated.

Morgan Wilson

Thank You So much! I received my order without any issues and wanted to take the time to really tell you how great it was! I received a really awesome Anarchy hat with my box and every precaution was taken to ensure freshness! i will be doing business with Smoke Inn for years to come.

Chad Hicks
(Kailua, HI)

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