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I've just received my cigars in perfect condition. The handwritten note thanking me for my order went above and beyond my expectations. The Smoke Inn has a very happy new customer and I will be ordering from you in the future. Kind Regards, Sue Schlauch

Sue Schlauch
(Port Orange, FL)

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the quick shipping and great delivery on the box of Oktoberfests. I greatly appreciated the hand written note from Izzy. I'll be firing one up as soon as the temperature drops a bit. Thanks again, Joe Prosser

Joe Prosser

Great customer service from smoke inn. Personalized note and free hat with my purchase. The microblend cigars I ordered tasted really good. Will be ordering again from SI next time I need more sticks!

Chris Tivnan
(Louisville, KY)

Good Morning, I just wanted to say Thank You, I received my box of My Father El Hijo's on Wednesday, (faster then I expected on the shipping) along with the TWO T-Shirts when I only expected one and the Humidor gel. I have not had the chance to smoke the cigars yet but tonight I will be sitting in my gazebo with my wife, friends and the (Bulldog pet, every Marine needs one) watching the football games, drinking some cold draft beers, smoking the Hijos' saluting all the troops, especially the Marines, as i am a former Active Viet Nam Jarhead, and a Special Salute to the Guys and Women at Smoke Inn for making it possible with the fantastic deal. Have a good Weekend.... a grate beer.... and an even Better Cigar. Michael A. Kubovcsak

Michael Kubovcsak
(Hanover, PA)

These guys are a cut above; when they say customer service is a priority, they mean it. I couldn't be more please with the product and service. First-class all the way.

Jim Howton

I was lucky enough to win a $100.00 gift certificate from the radio program. They sent it to me via e-mail quite quickly which I turned in for some Julius Caesar and some Alex Bradley cigars. They were great and the shipping was very quick. They enclosed a ball cap and a thank you note from Brandon. Looks like JR will now have some competition when I purchase cigars on line. Thanks Smoke Inn.

Richard Bonnem

Not only did I get a sealed box of exactly what I ordered but they were soft and ready for me to enjoy with my friends. I typically buy my cigars at local stores but since I live in a smaller market area where cigars aren't really thought of as much but I took a chance on saving myself some money by buying an entire box. Not only did I get my sealed box of cigars but they also sent me a cigar cutter and baseball cap. That wasn't even the most impressive, unexpected part...I got a hand written note from the staff, thanking me for my order. I personally work in customer service and this impressed me beyond belief. I even showed it to my wife! She was impressed by the note, less impressed by the fact that it somehow slipped my mind to tell her that I had ordered a box of Romeo y Juliets...Oops! I will certainly order from SI again. In fact, I am constantly watching their specials and checking their site for something new to try!

Bryan Worden
(McMinnville, OR)

This was the first time I had purchased cigars from Smoke Inn and I can say it won't be my last. The cigars arrived on time and in prestine condition. I also received a nice baseball cap with my order, along with a handwritten " thank you" note from the staff. I can tell that these guys care about customer satisfaction and that makes a difference to me. I will be placing an order in the near future for certain. Thanks guys!

Derek Smith
(Madison Heights, VA)

I received an order today from Smoke Inn. I didn't really think it had been a long time since I ordered, but I got a note saying that as a gift, due to the shipping delay, they included 2 Tatuaje Anarchy cigars. I smoked one and it was excellent, but that is besides the point. I am very impressed to be given two quality cigars for an order that I did not even think had taken too long. I am moving to New York City next week, and since I refuse to pay double price, I will be ordering a lot more from Smoke Inn. THANK YOU.

Adam Luria
(Naples, FL)

I was skeptical at first about ordering my cigars this way since I am not that educated in cigars and am kind of picky. I couldn't be more satisfied with delivery time, packaging and even the free extras they sent with my order! I will absolutely be a return customer and cannot wait to order a sampler so I can try some new stogies!! Thank you guys so much! I will be placing a birthday order late August!!

Bryan Worden
(McMinnville, OR)

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