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I would like to give a huge thank you to Smoke Inn, especially for their superb customer service. They called to make sure that they were shipping my order to the right address, which no other cigar site has done to me before. I also want to thank them for their "Super 12 Packs," which allowed me to get a great assortment of cigars for less than half the retail price. The handwritten note and free hat were also a nice touch. I will definitely turn to Smoke Inn the next time I want to order cigars!

Sam Benson
(Shippensburg, PA)

Ordered an accessory kit from the smoke inn. Not only did I receive my kit, but I received a free hat, and better yet, a hand written letter. Hand written letter? Excellent customer service. Customer for life now and a top recommendation. Thank you very much Abe, and staff at the smoke inn.

(Rochester NY)

I would like to take a moment to say thanks for my image of the true essence of "The Man Cave" I enjoy the San Christobal brand of cigars and Smoke Inn has a nice selection of such. The atmosphere is of peace and serentiy. The lounge is comfortable and after a long day, I know I can head over and kick back with good reading and a variety of fantastic choice cigars.
They absolutley welcome women, as I, and I enjoy the exchange of words with an intelligent women, but sometimes its nice to hang with the fellas and enjoy real men discussions fishing, building, investing etc...
Thank you for the location and the idea of the perfect Man Cave.

(West Palm Beach, Florida)

I normally don't write to a company unless they've pissed me off somehow. I have to tell you that I am EXTREMELY impressed with the level of customer service you fine people have demonstrated with my previous order. Your hand-written thank you note was the first I ever received from any company (and I order a sh*tload of stuff on the internet). The order arrived in perfect shape, and the hat was an unexpected surprise. Even the wife was impressed, and she usually bitches when I order stuff. Thanks again, and I wish you well in your fine business. You have a new customer for life. Brian. Oh, and feel free to add this to your list of testimonials, but please remove my last name.

(Chicago, IL)

found you guys from brian glenns website, this is my second order on your site. the first order was packed and shipped with great care. the free hat and the hand written note are great touches... this order is in response to emails you guys sent... you guys rock!!

Dave Azar
(Brooklyn, NY)

Hello - Received the box of Epernay cigars I ordered Friday - Just wanted to say thanks for the great service - & thanks for the matches & cap, I really appreciate it. Thanks, Steve Gordon

Steve Gordon
(Shreveport, LA)

I just want to give a personal "HUGE" Thank You to Abe and Smoke Inn... I was at a Drew Estate Smoke Inn event in WPB 3 years ago and the promotion was; if you buy two boxes you get one free, plus you get a ticket for a raffle to take the Drew Estates Safari, in Esteli, Nicaragua... Needless to say to my amazement I won!!! However at the time that I won was when there was a massive outbreak of swine flu and it was highly recommended that I did not go at that time. Then the following two years there were political issues within Nicaragua and once again advised either the safari's were canceled, or it was not a safe time to go. I contacted Abe after three years, and he remembered me, as well as remembered that I won the raffle. He made a phone call to John Brooks @ Drew Estates, and true to Jonathon Drew's word... I was booked on the next safari out which was March 11-14th 2012... I have to say it was a trip of a lifetime... I was lucky enough to win, and because of the "word" & the "honor" of Abe and Jonathon Drew I was able to attend the safari with the best group of guys that you could ever wish to be on the Cigar Safari with... The "BOTL.ORG" group... Jonathon's hospitality, quality of service, attention to detail, and education far exceeded my expectations. I was taken on a tour personally by Don Pepin to his "My Father" factory, Joya de Nicaragua Cigars factory, Drew Estates factory, and a multi cigar wrapper smoke session with Jose Blanco. The food, cigars, entertainment, service, attention to detail, education and friends I gained are priceless. I was treated like an honored guest and was even allowed to make my own blend @ Drew Estates in the end. Thank you once again Abe, Jonathon Drew, Nicholas Melillo, John Brooks, Jessie, Don Pepin, Pedro and Jose Blanco... I can't wait to go back to Esteli, as well as I look forward to all of your cigar events to come.

Thank You Sincerely,

Scott Calhoun

Scott Calhoun
(Fort Pierce, FL)

Thank you for the extras! Im still a beginner when it comes to smoking cigars. My father Jeff has been getting me to smoke an array of cigars ranging from Padron 64 family reserve to Drew estate lines. The extras you have sent the bands will only further add to my collection( tho rather small in comparision to my fathers two to three shoe boxes full). I love the taste of cigars and love the comradely of those who get together to share the love of them. Also I wanted to thank you for the hat. It will definately be used well. Thank you once again and I appreciate everything.

Ross Waterman
(Hagerstown, IN)

Well, if you're looking for feedback that is any different from what seems to be universally indicated in the previous remarks, you're going to have to keep waiting. As all the others have indicated, 1) Fast service/delivery, 2) Very competitive pricing, 3) Careful packaging, water pillow humidification, 4) Hat and hand-written letter of gratitude for my purchase. Who does these things? My new internet cigar supplier, for fact! You guys are certainly going to be getting a big chunk of my cigar business. Thank god for people that still know what class and customer service are all about.

Mike Kelly
(Flower Mound, TX)

I live in Chicago, which gives me the ability to shop at what I strongly believe is one of the best Tobacconist in the Midwest. Recently however, I was shopping for a specific stick, and, the store in Chicago did have it in stock. I cannot express how fortunate I feel to have called the Smoke Inn and had the opportunity to speak with the operations manager Michael Walstrom. What a great experience! Michael was extremely courteous and helpful. The cigars I purchased arrived as scheduled, in excellent condition, with a personal “thank you for your business note” from Michael enclosed and a hat too! This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship! Thanks again for all your help Michael!

Gregg T

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