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I've been smoking for going on 10 years now and have purchased from many many retailers over this years, several of which are touted as having he best customer service in the industry. And while those retailers were great, I have NEVER gotten the type of personalized service and touches along with the speed of delivery as I had with Smoke Inn. The hand written letter that came with my order and the very slick hat that I now where dang near everywhere are touches that really show that you guys are a cut above the so called "best in the biz" and really set he Platinum Standard in my book. I'm all about company loyalty and y'all just earned a customer for LIFE!

Thanks team y'all do phenomenal work,

Brett Jarman
(Longmont, CO)

Been ordering from Smoke Inn for a couple years and have yet to have an issue. My shipments show up within a few days of purchase and always in pristine condition. As always a hand written thank you that never gets old.

Thanks a bunch guys !


William Barrett

Great easy to use friendly website, great stock and selection of smokes to choose from, great customer service with fast delievery. Overall just a GREAT experience. I was able to find some high-end smokes that in gerneral are very difficult to find. They were packaged very securely with a humi pillow to ensure freshness. I even received a very nice hand written note and a signature Smoke Inn hat with my order. I was more than impressed with my service from Smoke Inn and know I will be ordering again from them in the future. Thanks gents!

(Rosamond, CA)

I found the Smoke Inn website when I googled a cigar brand that was proving very difficult to find, I believe it was the "Nat Sherman Timepiece." When I saw that they were available here, I placed an order and was struck by how quickly the order was filled and even more importantly, by the lovely handwritten message and the gift "Smoke Inn" cap inside the package. Each time I have placed an order with you, I have received the same excellent service with superior packaging and always the handwritten note. You truly have made an art form of personal customer service for which I am extremely grateful.

Douglas Beardslee
(Pacific Palisades, California)

I was really skeptical from buying from here at first but I tried it and I was amazed there fast and a lot cheaper than the cigar shops around here and online so I will definitely start ordering from here a lot more. They even sent me a hat and a hand written thank you letter.thanks for the great service I'll be sure to spread the news .

(Mansfield Texas)

My first purchase from Smoke Inn arrived sooner than expected with a free baseball cap and a hand written note thanking me for my patronage. The cigars were shipped in a resealable bag with a Humidipak! What a great way to do business - there is hope for the human race! Thanks for making my day.

Todd P
(Las Vegas, NV)

Just want to give a shout out to one of the best retailers out there, they always ship fast, include humidification where needed, and very friendly so long as you're not a "dummy dialer" and they have their own radio station!!! C'mon, why wouldn't you shop at Smoke Inn??

I personally want to thank Abe and the gang for their hard work and dedication to the cigar industry, they usually always have the newest HTF items at reasonable prices + they will add in a HAND WRITTEN note thanking me for my purchase......top quality customer service, ,y only complaint is there is not a Smoke Inn here in Indiana.

Great job guys!

Thank you


Mickey Tompkins
(Mooresville, Indiana)

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I shop at your stores in Delray, West Palm and Pompano because I know that you guys have the best selection and prices not to mention the humidors are well maintained. I ordered my first box online and was thrilled not only to receive cigars in perfect condition, but a hand written thank you letter. I feel a personal connection with smoke inn and I look forward to ordering my next box from you guys in the future. Thanks

(Coral Springs FL)

Ordered some cigars and a travel box from you guy and got it in the mail yesterday. Just wanna thank you for wrapping the cigars in their own bags with a boveda 2 way humidors in each of them. Ordered from other places and they didn't do that. Love your cigar bags nice and colorful haha your travel box is awesome as well nice and strong good seal to it. Thanks for the hat as well Definitely have my Business in the future for all my cigar Purchases thur the Internet! If I'm ever in Florida ill make sure to stop by one of the stores as well! Thanks again!

Manny Lopez
(Philadelphi, PA)

I plan on dealing with Smoke Inn on a regular basis, placed the order Saturday night before a big Super Bowl weekend and I was doubting the fact that my order would be processed. By Monday morning I had an email that they were being shipped out, Wednesday evening I came home tonight to find a box from USPS with my 25 count box of Four Kicks with a Smoke Inn fitted "Kiss My Ash" hat along with a handwritten letter from Miguel about my purchase and their customer service. That's amazing, I've been accustomed to real mediocrity of some of the online cigar sites customer service. They will definitely be getting more business. In addition I'm about to place an order for some Herrera Esteli, hopefully a box but I will settle for a 5 pack if they get some more.

I'm so impressed with these "Cuban-esque" balanced beauties like Headly Grange, Riqueza, Four Kicks, and I can't wait to see what Willy and Drew Estate are churning out in small batch perfection.


Anthony Rasicci

Anthony Rasicci
(Wintersville, OH)

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