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I just love the way im treated here, everything is always packed excellent and no damage. the note always adds a special touch. i have only ordered twice but i will definitely keep coming back.

(eagle mountain,Utah)

While I've only ordered once - so far - I found the customer service to be far and above any of the other online retailers I've dealt with. The quality is fantastic and you can be guaranteed of my continued business!

Tim Hamlin
(DeLand, FL)

If you are looking for cigars as soon as they hit the market, this is the place for you. Honest prices and simple quality customer service seem to be the cornerstone of this business. This should be your "go to" place for quality cigars.

Marty Wynne
(Upland, CA)

Not much more to add on top of all the other praises. You guys and gals are like my friendly corner store, only 2300 miles away. You business model is the template for what others can only aspire to.

Rob B
(San Diego, CA)

Smoke Inn is absolutely fantastic. Great selection, great prices, superb delivery and service. If only we could get our elected public servants to emulate half this model, we'd be living in Shangri La

(Houston, TX)

Great customer service. Hand written letter, free cigars (Cuchillo Cubanos 52) and a free baseball cap. First order...great impression...won't be my last. Thank you.

(Amarillo, TX)

I have never written a review before but I was so blown away by the customer service I felt like I had to. Fast shipping , Hand written letter and some free swag . This company values its customers and I will recommend smoke inn to anyone.

(Longview wa)

Smoke Inn is by FAR my #1 destination for cigars. No other site I've found even compares to the selection they have, and their relationships with distributors must be unparalleled because they always get the newest stuff before anyone else, and usually the best price. Their customer service is great. Can't wait till I'm in FL next to be able to visit a Smoke Inn store, and to make my dream come true of attending the Great Smoke someday. Thanks guys!

Wally Aboulhosn
(New York, New York)

Just started buying from you guys. Your customer service is out of this world and the knowledge of product is just as good. Availability and quality of product is real good. I have recommend you to all my cigar buddies and look forward to doing future business with you.

Bryan Arnold
(Rocklin, Ca)

By far the best place to buy cigars over the internet. Fast shipping and courteous service. I can't say enough good things about these guys!

Mark E. Hanger
(Staten Island N.Y.)

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