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Just to let you know, I received my order yesterday and it was flawless. Packed nice, great deal, and the note that you wrote was a great touch. This was my first order with Smoke Inn and I will definitely be back! Cigars Intl, Famous, Best, Phatash, Cigar.com, Atlantic, etc. better watch out! I live in Tampa and will come to see you soon. Even when I called you, the conversation was good. To top it off, you gave me a 10%. You guys are great!

Mark R
(Valrico, FL)

Let me start by saying that I am also in retail and customer service is ALWAYS what separates the good from the bad. Pricing is important, but C/S is imperative. That said, I recently ordered a box of 601 Bunker Buster and a couple of Illusione 5 packs. Typically, orders arrive within a few days. I had this order shipped to my work so there'd be no chance of it being stolen from my porch. A week goes by and I'm wondering if there was an issue with the postal service or maybe a back order. I called SmokeInn and the rep was genuinely concerned and told me he'd look into it. Within an hour (wow) he called back and said everything had been shipped but had no idea what happened from there. I was obviously disappointed but knew it wasn't their fault. I was prepared to re-order, however the rep said they would re-send the order...no questions asked, and if I didn't receive it within a couple of days, let him know. Unbelievable!! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! PROFESSIONAL, COURTEOUS, AND PRICING. What more could anyone ask for. He through in a half dozen more of the 601's to boot...COOL. Thanks again

Scott Houser
(Salem, Oregon)

I haven't yet smoked my "American Eagle Torpedo - 4 Pack" cigars that I purchased, but I was so thrilled by what I saw when I opened the box, I had to comment. I was certainly impressed by the handwritten note -never had that before. On top of that I received a free perfect cutter and cigars that were delivered in a humidifying bag -not in a regular Ziploc bag...WOW. I didn't even spend a ton and I felt like I received the royal treatment. Customer Service is everything and I will certainly do business with Smoke Inn again!

(Montgomery County, MD)

Great collection (Bryan Glynn's Cigar Obsession sampler). But, above the quality of the cigars, above the fast shipping, and above the good price, there's a *HAND WRITTEN NOTE* in the box??? That's unheard of nowadays and immediately sets Smoke Inn apart from everybody else. When I need sticks, Smoke Inn will be the first site I visit from now on!!!

George Peck
(Evergreen, CO)

Received Grab Bag (60 ct) today. It was a nice mix of good quality sticks that would have cost me upwards of $425 if ordered individually (a 68% savings). Thanks Smoke Inn!

Mark Bushnell
(Wauconda, IL)

Received my order today, can't wait to try them, I always get a very nice hand written thank you and I really appreciate that. I'm a loyal customer because of great customer service you guys provide.....thank you

(Cincinnati, OH)

First time using SmokeInn. Ordered box of Rocky Patels and they sent me an email within hours explaining they were currently out at the location from which they ship.
They could get from another of their stores but it would be several more days until I received.
I assured them that was no problem.
When I received several days later...got a personal handwritten note as well as some complimentary cigars...with a follow up email thanking me for my business.
Great service...great company! Will obviously continue to purchase from.

Stan Moffett
(Lakebay, WA)

I was a die hard Ashton/Churchill guy. I moved to Port St Lucie and visited their store. I asked the manager of the store what he would recommend as a smooth smoking cigar and he said Ashton Churchill's so I liked his choice immediately and now I would listen to any suggestions he had. He put me on Alec Bradley American Classic. I bought my usual Ashton's and 2 Classics. He couldn't have been more right. I absolutely loved them. I went back the next week to buy more Classics and was surprised to see the Alec Bradley rep in the store. I bought a 20 box very discounted and got a shirt and hat and a 10 pack sampler. Thank you guys. Loved them all. I'm now an Alec Bradley convert. 12 boxes later. still loving every Classic.

Chuck Sullivan
(Port St Lucie, FL)

I would like to start out and say that this was the first time dealing with Smoke Inn and I am very pleased with how they handle their business. I made an order online and the next day I received a call regarding my order. They informed me that they didn’t have my size of cigar and offered me and upgrade free of charge or it might take a little bit longer to receive the particular size I ordered. I chose to wait and was pleasantly surprised that they send a partial order with a bunch of freebies. The rest of my order showed up within a week with an apology letter along with a few more freebies. Although I do enjoy free stuff it was the communication that sets this cigar shop apart from the others. I recommend this company and will go here for all my online cigar needs in the future. Thanks Smoke Inn!!!

Dan Johnson
(Mentone, California)

I placed my order and had a question about it so I sent an e-mail. I had my answer within a few hours! I shopped the stores in Delray Beach and Fort Lauderdale when I lived in south Florida and look forward to the day they open a store in Charlotte, NC (hint, hint!!)


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