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Joya de Nicaragua Shut the Box

Joya de Nicaragua Shut the Box

Joya de Nicaragua is a company known for its respect for the past, while maintaining an innovative mentality for the modern era. This is evidenced by the Antaño Shut the Box Limited Edition, bringing smokers one of the most classic JDN blends with a playful twist!

Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Shut the Box Limited Edition features the Antaño blend in its two most popular formats: Gran Cónsul and Robusto Grande. This blend first debuted in 2001, boasting high-priming selections of Nicaraguan tobaccos throughout the entirety of the blend, effectively setting the standard for which today's full-bodied cigars are judged.

These cigars are now packaged in boxes that double as shut the box game sets, including wooden tiles, dice, and a felt covering at the bottom of the box to roll the dice on. Shut the box is a simple yet addicting game, one that can be found at many smoking lounges across the country, alongside the customary dominos table. Now, smokers can experience one of the cornerstones of the premium cigar market and learn a surprisingly addicting game (which will likely become the go-to distractor in your personal smoking lounge, trust us!) while you're at it.

With only 500 boxes of 20 cigars (per size) in existence, don't miss your chance to own this limited set that finally puts empty cigar boxes to good use!

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