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Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback

Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback

Camacho Cigars' world-famous Liberty Series first debuted in 2002; and with the company showcasing new and limited smoking experiences on an annual basis, the series is now among the longest-running limited offerings in existence.

Traditionally, new sizes and tobacco blends were employed each and every year, making the Liberty Series a sought-after item for both collectors and connoisseurs. But in 2017, Camacho announced that their 2017 blend would be the last fully custom-tailored Liberty cigar, instead transitioning to revived blends from the Liberty Series' 15-year history.

For 2019, Camacho has returned to one of the most popular offerings in the Liberty collection: Liberty 2012 (i.e. the last Liberty cigar released before Camacho's major rebranding in 2013). Following the spirit of the series, Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback has been released to coincide with Independence Day, showcasing an American flag and bold American colors front and center.

Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback incorporates Honduran Corojo tobaccos throughout the entire blend, with four different primings being selected from vintage, four-year-aged tobaccos exclusively. In addition, all tobaccos have been harvested from a single farm and vintage, offering a highly specific flavor profile comparable to the unique complexity attainable from the finest single-barrel whiskeys. The cigars are rolled in Camacho's signature 11/18 figurado format (6" x 48/54/48) and packaged in individual coffins. Cigar enthusiasts can expect heavy-hitting, bold flavors from start to finish, with a creeping sweetness that builds in the background; flavors range from earth and peppercorn, to caramelized sugars and clove, to cola and charred oak.

With only 2,500 boxes in existence, Camacho Liberty 2012 Throwback is a must-have for the flavor craved enthusiast, those with something to celebrate, the true patriot, the collector, and the refined palate.

This Limited Product is no longer available. You might want to check out the current 2021 Liberty Series by Camacho Cigars.

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