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CAO Mortal Coil

CAO Mortal Coil

CAO continues the brand's legacy of pushing boundaries with the introduction of the Arcana Series, where CAO intends to showcase old-world tobacco processing methods, bringing a modern flair to time-honored traditions.

The first cigar in the CAO Arcana Series is the CAO Mortal Coil, named after the unique fermentation practices of andullo tobacco. Andullo is the oldest known fermentation method of the Dominican Republic; instead of stacking leaves in pilon piles, the tobacco is wrapped in palm bark and tightly compressed with ropes (there's your "mortal coil"). When unwound, the tobacco is dense and leathery, taking on concentrated, sweet and earthy characteristics that are quite unique in comparison to the tobaccos commonly found in today's cigars.

The CAO Mortal Coil cigar combines this Dominican andullo with Honduran (Jamastran Valley), Nicaraguan (Estelí), and Dominican Piloto Cubano tobaccos within the filler recipe. These leaves are secured by a Connecticut Shade leaf and finalized with a hearty Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The resulting smoking profile is full in flavor and medium in intensity, lending well to flavors of sweet earth, chicory coffee, exotic spice, and an assortment of roasted nuts.

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  • Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
  • Strength : Medium
  • Wrapper : Maduro


Pack: 20
Size: 6 1/8 x 50
Smoke Inn Price : $220.00
Pack: 5
Size: 6 1/8 x 50
Smoke Inn Price : $55.00

Category Rating

Customer Reviews

  • James Young - CAO Mortal Coil
    This was a great cigar. Wasn’t sure what to expect as this was a series that they tried a different fermentation technique not normally used and it turned out great. Sucks we won’t have anymore when they’re gone.
  • John Kenny - CAO Mortal Coil
    One of the newest and best releases from CAO. Great construction. Very flavorful. Earth, spices, coffee; all artfully blended together. One if the coolest bands I've ever seen too.
  • Bradlee Wilson - CAO Mortal Coil
    The saddest part of this review is that we’ll probably never see this cigar again as it was a one off. However this cigar was great use of different fermentation techniques and provided an experimental smoke on par with the Yagua by JC Newman.
  • Hugh Applegate - CAO Mortal Coil
    I purchased a box of these when they first came out. I loved the packaging and heard great things. Opened up the first cigar and smelled the foot and it was like fruity very very fruity. I was not really having a lot of good feelings about this cigar. Boy, was I wrong. What I thought was going to be an overly sweet blah cigar, turned out to be a a pretty nice. That earth flavor mixed with just a tad of spice made it a great pairing that with the right cup of coffee or cream soda, with enhanced your taste buds.

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