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Asylum & Cigar Dojo Meshugana

Asylum & Cigar Dojo Meshugana

From the creative minds of Asylum Cigars and Cigars Dojo comes the limited-edition Asylum Meshugana cigar, being released in 2022 to commemorate both brands' milestone 10th anniversaries. Playing on the off-kilter persona that Asylum has cultivated over the past decade, the cigar takes its name from a Yiddish term, meaning nonsense, silliness, or craziness (as in, "You're meshugana if you don't buy this cigar!").

Fans of Cigar Dojo know its creators and community (DOJONATION) aren't shy about their affinity for the salty-sweet tobacco grown by the famed Eiroa family on their farms of Honduras, and the Asylum Meshugana offers the first-ever Dojo spin on such a blend. Working closely with the Asylum team and their close-knit ties with the Eiroas, Meshugana took shape over the course of one year. The cigar is rolled in a singular 6" x 52 toro format and boasts an Eiroa puro recipe that begins with an Authentic Corojo wrapper and is joined by all-Honduran tobaccos throughout the binder/filler. Medium-plus in body, the Meshugana highlights the salty characteristics of the Eiroas' Corojo leaf, with standout flavors of sourdough bread, cabinet spices, clean cedar, and doughy pretzel goodness!

The Asylum Meshugana takes a unique release strategy, with half the allotment debuting (and quickly selling out) at the annual Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival in Cigar Dojo's hometown of Denver, CO. The second half of the release is limited to only 150 bundles of 10 cigars, being sold online exclusively through Smoke Inn.

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