Bryan Ives

The Oldest Cigar Brands In The World

the oldest cigar brands in the world

The world of cigars is steeped in history, with some cigar brands having roots that stretch back nearly two centuries. These old-world cigars and the new world smokes they inspired are the heart and soul of today’s cigar industry. Add more flavor to your cigar smoking experience today. Start with …

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Best Cigar Lighters of 2022

best cigar lighters

A cigar lighter is an essential tool. You quite literally cannot smoke a cigar without a lighting mechanism of some kind. Matches work for some, but they lack power, they lack flair, and they can oftentimes leave your cigar tasting like phosphorus. Nobody wants to ruin the taste of a …

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Benefits of Joining a Cigar Club

cigar club

If you have been smoking cigars for a while, then you have probably come across some type of cigar club or cigar of the month club. They are practically unavoidable being all over social media, and every cigar influencer seems to have a different cigar brand sponsoring them. But, you …

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