Monthly Archives: January 2023

Cigars for a Better World

Cigars and Philanthropy It’s no secret that the cigar life appeals to a broad cross-section of society. But cigars have also long been associated with the wealthy. Well, there happens to be something that connects them both that you may not be aware of. No, it’s not golf we’re thinking …

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The Best Cigar Events of 2023

With the COVID pandemic more or less in our rearview mirror and a few rough years behind us, most of us are looking forward to 2023 with guarded optimism. It’s finally safe to come out of our caves again and enjoy public music, live performance and cigar events again. Here’s …

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The Great Smoke 2023 Update

The Great Smoke 2023: Membership Has Its Privileges The Great Smoke season is officially underway, so we thought we’d do a little recap/update on our favorite event of the year. The Great Smoke itself runs from March 16th-19th which is just 59 short days away at the time of writing. …

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