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If you have been smoking cigars for a while, then you have probably come across some type of cigar club or cigar of the month club. They are practically unavoidable being all over social media, and every cigar influencer seems to have a different cigar brand sponsoring them. But, you might be asking yourself, what even is a cigar of the month club, how does it work, and why should I sign up? Well, we have the answers you are looking for.

What Is a Cigar Club?

No doubt you have seen cigar clubs somewhere on the internet and got curious as to what it could be. The concept is fairly simple, as they work like any other monthly subscription service. Except instead of getting TV service, or a weird new jelly every month, you get a curated shipment of  cigars delivered right to your door. 

Every month, a different set of cigars, ensuring the variety keeps coming and you always have choices when it comes to smoking cigars. Smoke Inn has its own Cigar of the Month Club where they ship out five different cigars every month. Thanks to the great connections between Smoke Inn and the industry’s best manufacturers, the Smoke Inn Cigar of the Month Club has plenty of options to choose from to make each month’s selection unique.

Cigar Club Exclusives

It’s always great getting to try new cigars, especially cigars that are hard to find, or even downright impossible to get at a local shop. But one of the biggest benefits to joining a cigar club is the opportunity to receive rare and exclusive cigars that you otherwise would not have been able to get.

Take for instance Smoke Inn’s esteemed Connoiseur Cigar Club. They partner with some of the biggest brands and the most talented master blenders in the industry to get exclusive cigars that are only available to members of the Connoiseur Cigar Club. Exclusives like this really make the monthly cost of a club worth it, as not only are you getting five cigars hand selected and sent to your home, but you are also getting amazing cigars that are not even available to most people. 

One of the best parts of being in a club is the excitement you get each month when you open up your pack. You don’t know what is coming until your next shipment arrives, a monthly cigar aficionado suprise. Variety is the spice of life, and paying into a program that guarantees you variety every month is an absolute win. Plus, cigar clubs are usually very cost effective. Smoke Inn’s Cigar of the Month Club comes out to around six bucks per cigar, and they aren’t just sending out overstock junk or no-name brands, they’re sending out high quality, reputable cigars from brands like Padron, Rocky Patel, Montecristo, and Room 101 just to name a few. 

Community Around a Cigar Club

Smoking cigars is a social activity. While it can be great to enjoy a cigar alone, it is greater still to share that experience with others. Being able to have a community of cigar smokers nearby, whether they are in person or online, can help to enrich the experience, and that is another benefit that cigar clubs provide.

Most cigar clubs send out cigars every month to all subscribers, and include some information about those particular cigars. Once the cigars are in your hand, you can see what you have, and share your thoughts with other members on Facebooks groups or other online settings. Or, if other members of the club are nearby, organize a meetup to smoke through the pack together and let everyone share their thoughts on the cigars. 

Often, you will find that subscribing to a cigar of the month club is a great way to try some new cigars, and see if you can get some cigars that you have never tried before. You could spend your time online searching for flavor notes and reviews of these different cigars, or you could reach out to your cigar club community, and have everybody share their own input and experience on the cigars. After all, we all learn better when we learn together.

If you do not have anybody around that is a member of the cigar club you subscribe to, then consider gifting someone a membership and join the club together. Ideally you can gift somebody else a membership, and then they will pay it forward to someone else, and so on. Before you know it, there will be a growing number of fellow cigar smokers near you that you can have great conversations with about your monthly cigar packs.

Why Should You Join One?

A cigar of the month club can be a great way to expand your horizons, save money, and learn more about the art of tobacco. Every month you get to try new cigars from high quality, reputable cigar brands, some of which you may not have ever tried otherwise.

When it comes time to choose which is right for you, there are a couple of factors that you should consider. These are cost, quality of cigars, and shipping time. Smoke Inn’s cigar shop does great with all three of these factors. The Cigar of the Month Club from Smoke Inn is a fantastic option because it is priced great at five cigars for $29.99, including shipping, and all orders for the month are processed and shipped the same day. Plus, the selection of cigars that goes into the packs never comes from the current Smoke Inn inventory, as the goal for Smoke Inn is not to clear out old inventory or cigars that aren’t selling well, it’s to make sure good cigars get to your door. So we partner directly with manufacturers each month when selecting the monthly pack.

Ready to Join One?

A great step up from the Cigar of the Month Club is the Smoke Inn Connoiseur Cigar Club. This is a club for people that have climbed the rungs of the cigar smoking journey and are ready for something new and exciting. This premium club comes in at $49.99 per month for five cigars, and each cigar in the pack is privately selected and made exclusively for the Connoiseur Club.

Whichever direction you decide to go in, you can head to the Smoke Inn website to learn more about our Cigar of the Month Club and Connoisseur Cigar Club and get ready for some great smokes to start heading your way.


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