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A cigar lighter is an essential tool. You quite literally cannot smoke a cigar without a lighting mechanism of some kind. Matches work for some, but they lack power, they lack flair, and they can oftentimes leave your cigar tasting like phosphorus. Nobody wants to ruin the taste of a good cigar with chemicals coming from matches or cheap lighters, so it is imperative that you have the right tools with you to get the job done properly. Join us as we explore the best cigar lighters of 2022 so that you can savor your cigar in its full flavor, as it was meant to be enjoyed. 

What to Look For in the Best Cigar Lighters

It can be difficult to name the best lighters of any category because the lighter that you use for your cigars is a personal choice. Your favorite lighter is a manner of self expression just like your hairstyle and the clothes you wear.

Color and Finish – Perhaps the most obvious thing to look for in a good lighter for yourself is the color or finish of the lighter. Cigar lighters these days are made up of a myriad of different materials and colors, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right lighter for you. Some lighters are made of a plastic or resin but come in a variety of colors so you can find what works best for you. There are also a number of lighters made with metal bodies that feature a variety of finishes like gunmetal, anodized metal, copper, polished aluminum, and more. So one of the first things you should consider when looking for the best cigar lighter is the way that it looks and if that is something you would be proud to carry in your pocket, briefcase, golf bag, or backpack.

Number of Torches

Many cigar enthusiasts carry a multitude of lighters because they can vary on the number of torches, and the strength of torches. In fact some lighters, like the Xikar Verano, feature a different style of flame altogether. Some cigar smokers also don’t like torches, they prefer a more traditional soft flame to light their stogie. Some prefer a single flame torch because they only smoke small cigars. However, if you prefer a 6 x 60 or larger, you might find that you have a hard time efficiently lighting your cigar with a single flame, and you might need a triple or quad torch to get your cigar lit up properly in the manner that you prefer.

Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity can be an often overlooked, but key factor in deciding what lighter is best for you. As cigar smokers, we know that not every cigar is going to be made absolutely perfect. There might be a couple of burn issues that show up during your smoke that you will have to correct with your lighter. So if you have a lighter with a smaller fuel capacity, you might have to be getting up at the lounge to have your cigar lighter refilled, so that you can keep up with the burn touch ups that your cigar requires. However, if you have a better fuel capacity, then you do not have to worry about that. You can go into the lounge with a full lighter and know, with confidence, that you can sit back and enjoy multiple cigars without having to get up and have your lighter refilled. 

Finding the Right Cigar Lighter For You

It can be difficult finding the right cigar lighter for you as, as many cigar smokers have multiple cigar lighters in their collection. You need to find what combination of key factors makes the most sense for you. So when it comes to finding the right lighter for you there are a few things you should consider.

If you like larger ring gauge cigars, then you should look for a cigar lighter that has enough power to efficiently light a larger cigar. If you use a single flame torch to light your cigars, then you might become a bit frustrated if you are trying to light a larger cigar with a smaller flame. Contrarilly, you would probably feel more comfortable with a larger torch that has three or four torches, to more easily light your cigar.

Alternatively, the same rule works in reverse. If you smoke smaller ring gauge cigars, then you might find that three or four torches is simply too much, and you might end up scorching the tobacco in your cigar, and then you will not be able to enjoy smoking it. So finding the right balance in the power of your lighter is a crucial choice in determining what lighter is best for you. 

What Your Cigar Lighter Says About You

As mentioned earlier, your cigar lighter is an expression of yourself and it is important to know what exactly your lighter says about you. A lighter could be rugged, or refined, or a jack of all trades type, just like you.

Finer lighters, like those crafted by ST Dupont, carry an air of elegance, and they show that the person carrying the lighter enjoys the finer things in life. If you go for one of these lighters, it will show that you are someone that enjoys nice things, and that you are a refined character.

Some more rugged lighters are built for people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Many people working in construction, or in the military prefer a tougher lighter that can get knocked around a little bit, just like they have.

Many people consider themselves to be a “Jack of all trades,” and they choose a lighter that reflects that. Some lighters have a built in cutting mechanism, making it to where you do not have to carry a separate cutter with you, because your lighter does it all. The most common addition to lighters is an integrated punch cutter, but some will even have a fold-out straight cutter on the back.

What Are The Best Cigar Lighters of 2022?

So now that we have gone over what to look for in a good lighter, it’s time to review the best cigar lighters of 2022.

Xikar Verano Flat Lighter

This is a unique lighter that features a flat flame that comes out of the top, making a good choice for a touch up lighter, or for somebody that smokes smaller to medium sized cigars.

Colibri Boss

This is a great lighter if you are looking for and all-in-one tool. The Boss features a built in straight cutter, in a slender package, making this the only tool you’ll need to carry.

Landshark Rumrunner

Another great all-in-one tool, this torch lighter features a bottle opener integrated into it, allowing you to go out and have a good time with one less tool in your pocket.

S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme

S.T. Dupont is a luxury brand known for style and class, and a sense of sophistication. Perfect for someone looking for an elite high end lighter, and great for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

No matter which cigar smoking tool you decide to go with, when it comes to finding the best cigar lighters and accessories for you, look no further than Smoke Inn.

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