Cigars with cognac

Cigars With… (Part 1)

Pairing Cigars with Life If there’s one thing that can be said about cigar smokers, it’s that we like to live life with gusto. We’re generally not the type to be content to sit on the sidelines watching others savor all the goodness life has to offer. We’re enthusiastic about …

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Al Pacino smokes a cigar

Celebrities and Cigars

Cigars and Celebs If there’s anything we know about our fellow cigar smokers, it’s that they have character. Think about the people in your life who smoke cigars. Is there a single mild and mediocre person among them? Of course not. People who smoke cigars are all different to be …

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A man harvests tobacco from which cigars are made.

How Are Cigars Made? – Part 2

How are Cigars Made? – Part 2 In our first installment of How are Cigars Made, we took a look at the motivations of cigar makers. The inspiration that fueled the creation of our favorite smokes. We also examined the heritage of the craft and the parts, pieces and layers …

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how are cigars made

How Are Cigars Made? – Part 1

How are Cigars Made – Part 1     Why are Cigars Made? If we are thinking about how cigars are made, we should also ask why. What are the priorities of the fine cigar maker? The cigar maker really is an artist in the truest sense of the term. …

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Cigars ready to be enjoyed

Where Do Cigars Come From?

Welcome to the second installment in our Cigar Shop University series where we cover everything we know and love about our favorite pastime. From history to geography to culture and more. This week’s article is about where cigar tobacco is grown and what it means to you. From Farm to …

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Smoke Inn’s Cigar Shop University

Welcome to Cigar Shop University Welcome to the first installment of Smoke Inn’s new series. We’re calling it Cigar Shop University. As your favorite cigar shop and the best place around to buy cigars online, we saw an opportunity to entertain and inform while talking about our favorite subject. There …

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Ninjaragua New Cigar Release With Cigar Dojo

Ninjaragua New Cigar Release With Cigar Dojo

The Joya Ninjaragua, one of the most legendary collaborative smokes ever, is back for a second run in 2022. The wildly popular cigars set the cigar world ablaze in 2020 and are sure to reignite taste buds once again. The cigars are only available at Smoke Inn, but they won’t …

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red meat lovers 2022 beef stick

Red Meat Lovers Beef Stick Product Spotlight

Enjoying a perfectly cooked slab of red meat with a great cigar is an unparalleled experience. So, the “steaksmen” of the Red Meat Lover’s Club have joined forces with Smoke Inn. A partnership with the legendary cigar maker Steve Saka to create 2022’s ultimate meat-pairing cigar: The Beef Stick. A …

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a guide to cigar shapes colors and sizes

A Guide to Cigar Shapes, Colors, and Sizes

When it comes to the world of cigars, there are so many small details that can be difficult to figure out. This is true especially for newcomers to the hobby. It can seem overwhelming to walk into a humidor and see hundreds of different cigars with different wrapper shades, sizes, …

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