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Exploring Legacy Cigar Brands – Part III

Part III – Legacy Cigar Brands Legacy Cigar Brands – Part III will be our final installment on this series, at least for now. But we realize there will inevitably a brand or two that didn’t get mentioned in the pantheon of cigar legends that someone thinks should have been. …

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Woman smoking a legacy brand cigar

Exploring Legacy Cigar Brands – Part II

Part II – Legacy Cigar Brands In part I of this series, we mentioned the importance of tradition in the cigar making industry. This is one of the threads that is woven throughout the culture. We should never mistake that for the cigar world eschewing innovation and creativity. There’s plenty …

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Legacy cigar brands

Exploring Legacy Cigar Brands – Part I

Part I – Legacy Cigar Brands If there’s anything that runs deep in cigar culture, it’s tradition. Fine cigars are one of the few things left in this world that are still made following time-honored traditions. While there is plenty of innovation in cigar manufacturing, what you never see is …

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Smoke Inn's Advent Calendar

All About Smoke Inn’s Advent Calendar

At Smoke Inn, two things we love are tradition and what we like to think of as our version of ‘fan service. The latter comes mainly in the form of continuously coming up with new and different ways to help all of you discover and enjoy new cigars. Ideally, we …

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We Love Smoke Inn Microblend Series Cigars

Smoke Inn Microblend Series Cigars One of the things Smoke Inn is known for is the care and attention we put into our exclusive Microblend Series cigars. If you’re already a confirmed Microblend Series fan, then this blog will serve as a review of some of our favorites and give …

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