How Does Shipping Affect Cigar Quality For Online Sales?

How Does Shipping Affect Cigar Quality For Online Sales_

Ordering cigars online can be a wonderfully exciting experience, with the expectation that tasty smokes are on the way. Yet, for many cigar lovers, a major concern is how does shipping affect cigar quality for online sales? These concerns can be alleviated with a quick look at how the shipping process works. Secondly, learn how you can order cigars like a pro to ensure cigars always arrive in optimal condition.

Is It Safe To Buy Cigars Online?

Absolutely! Buying cigars online can be nerve-racking. However, it can be a safe and rewarding experience with just a little due diligence. Always shop online from established, reputable cigar dealers to guarantee you are getting authentic products and reliable shipping methods. It is also a great idea to check a cigar shop’s shipping policy. This is usually before ordering to ensure they offer a method that works best for you. 

If you have concerns about products or shipping, most reputable cigar shops are more than willing to address your concerns. So, don’t be afraid to contact the seller’s customer care. If they don’t respond or offer little in the way of reassurance, then it might be best to shop elsewhere. However, the best cigar shop offers quality customer service you can trust and offers a range of shipping options, including flat rate shipping, to quickly and efficiently get cigars in your hands. 

What Happens To A Cigar During Transit?

Once your order is processed, cigars are readied for the journey to your doorstep. Ideally, cigars are packed firmly together to minimize movement during transport. Loose cigars are especially susceptible to damage if not tightly packed. Therefore, the cigars should be placed in a sturdy shipping box and surrounded by extra packing material. This will help prevent it from shifting or being crushed.

No matter the mail carrier, cigars can endure wide swings in temperature and humidity. This is all throughout the journey as well as the inevitable drops, kicks, and flips. Properly packaged cigars can easily handle the usual wear and tear. However, there is a greater risk of damage the longer the cigars remain in transit. In addition, a longer voyage means humidity levels can decline and drastically affect the cigars. International orders are especially tricky, as most online cigar sellers won’t guarantee the cigars’ condition.

So, it is a good idea to double-check the online cigar seller’s shipping policies before placing an order. When the cigars arrive, note their condition and t. The best online cigar sellers make sure cigars are safely packed and shipped in a timely fashion and are happy to listen to your suggestions or concerns. This way, they can ensure your smokes stay on schedule and arrive in great shape every time. 

Does Weather Affect Cigars During Shipping?

Weather can affect cigars during shipping. However, how much it affects cigars is determinable, in part, by the season and length of the journey. Packages sit in the back of a mail truck. Worse is during the sweltering heat of summer or during a frozen winter storm. While a few hours here or there are tolerable, extended periods in extreme conditions can bring a quick end to the cigar smoking experience. 

Cigars are best when maintained at 68 to 72 percent humidity. Yet, long periods in low humidity or excessively high humidity decrease the optimal smoking condition and increase the chance of cigars cracking or splitting. Likewise, cold icy weather can dry out cigars, causing the tobacco to flake or unravel. Excessive heat also creates ideal conditions for tobacco beetles to hatch and wreak havoc on your cigars. So, how cigars are packaged and how long they remain in transit are crucial to their welfare.

It is always a good idea to let these cigars you bought online sit in a humidor for a little while once you receive them, to ensure your cigars are acclimated to your preferred temperature and humidity level.

How To Guarantee Quality Cigars Arrive At Your Door

Delays, weather, and mishandling of packages are out of your control. This is part of the shipping challenges but there are ways to help improve the chances of your cigars surviving the journey intact. A few of these tips include:

  • Buy cigars online only from reputable dealers
  • Choose the fastest delivery method
  • Add humidification to order
  • Buy sealed boxes, bundles or five packs
  • Notify carrier of delivery instructions 

The sooner you get your cigars in your possession, the sooner you have control over their condition. With that, selecting the fastest shipping option is always preferable. This can be costly, yet well worth it to keep your prized premium smokes safe. Next-day or 2-to-3-day shipping is ideal, but adding humidification is best for shipping times longer than 4 days. Some online sellers provide the option to add humidified bags to the order so that cigars remain humidified throughout the trek. 

Ordering cigars already in packaging with seal also helps minimize drastic climate changes to which cigars could be exposed. Contacting the mail carrier for delivery instructions is another way to ensure cigars are not left in extreme weather conditions when you are not at home. Scheduling for pickup rather than delivery might be an inconvenience, but it can help minimize the disappointment of a lost or stolen package. It might even shave a day off of the shipping time in some cases. 

On that glorious day when you finally have cigars in your possession, take a moment to note the packaging of cigars. Firstly, ensure the safe and tight packaging. Secondly, check for any evidence of damage. Of course, the first urge is always to fire up those savory smokes, yet the cigars might need a little rejuvenation after their journey. So, if possible, let the cigars rest in a humidor for a week or so to ensure they are in peak form.

Order Cigars Online With Confidence 

Following a few simple guidelines can ensure each cigar you order arrives in great shape and is ready for action whenever it is time to spark up. So, put your shipping prowess to the test! Shop cigars online at Smoke Inn today and confidently select your preferred shipping method!

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