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Padron Collection Maduro 5 Cigar Samper
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Padron Collection Maduro 5 Cigar Samper

Ask just about any premium cigar smoker their top 5 favorite smokes and chances are you’ll be hearing the name Padrón, A LOT. The brand, introduced in 1964, is a living success story for the American dream. José Padrón escaped Cuban persecution in the 1960’s, coming to America with little more than the clothes on his back. José was gifted a hammer, allowing him to begin earning a living as a carpenter. This permitted him to save for his own cigar company: Piloto Cigars Inc. (aka Padrón Cigars).

It was many more years before Padrón became the brand we know and love today, but the hard-working spirit has always remained. In the mid ‘90s, Padrón introduced the world-famous 1964 Anniversary blend, commemorating 30 years since their inception. 10 years later, they released the equally esteemed Serie 1926 blend, honoring their 40th anniversary. And, keeping with the theme of anniversaries, introduced the special Family Reserve blend in 2008, showcasing their finest tobaccos and the family’s own private blend, commemorating their 44th year in business. These special blends, in addition to their baseline Padrón Series (aka “thousand series”) became the gold standard in cigar craftsmanship, leading the industry since the introduction of the 1964 over 20 years earlier.

Padrón has since added to their world-renowned lineup, now showcasing a more delicate Connecticut Shade-wrapped offering with Padrón Dámaso - rounding out their portfolio for smokers of every flavor profile. These 5 special blends are now available in 1 convenient package! Take home a world-class sampling of Padrón’s full range of cigar offerings. Start with the mild and creamy Dámaso and work your way into the heavy and fully intense Family Reserve. Available in natural and maduro varieties!

Note: both natural & maduro options arrive with the same Padrón Dámaso No. 32 (Connecticut blend).

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Customer Reviews

  • John Kenny - Padron No. 88 Maduro Cigar Sampler (Verified buyer)
    A great introduction to the Padron 1000 series; with a nice bonus 1964. You just can't beat these sticks, in their respective price points. Natural and Maduro are both great.
  • Shawn Albers - Padron 1926 Anniversary Maduro 4 Cigar Sampler (Verified buyer)
    Four great sizes in the 26 series! I highly recommend this sampler for all to try!
  • Shawn Albers - Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural 5 Cigar Sampler (Verified buyer)
    Love the padron 64 sampler. Can’t go wrong with the natural or maduro. Great sizes to see what you prefer. The “A” size is crazy!
  • Derek Moon - Alec Bradley - It's a Girl (Verified buyer)
    Meh it’s a novelty cigar. Horrible burn. I was kind of embarrassed after sharing them with friends and family because they weren’t that good of quality.
  • Gary Shaffer - Alec Bradley - It's a Boy (Verified buyer)
    I know this cigar isn't one of AB's "top of the line" cigars, and I knew that when I bought them. I will say though, that I did enjoy the smoke. I gave them to friends and family when my grandson was born. I got good feedback from them, saying that they were surprised they were as good as they were considering they were "It's a Boy" cigars. They burn evenly, they smoke long, and they don't have that cheap cigar aftertaste the next morning. If I have another grandson, I will get them again and I do recommend this cigar.
  • Bradlee Wilson - Padron 8 Count Sampler Natural (Verified buyer)
    Can never go wrong with Padron! Year after year their tobacco is just top dog for most veteran herfers. This 8 pack provides an awesome assortment of their natural lines of tobacco. Fire ridden spice and earth combine with a cool smooth smoke that makes Padron so desired amongst enthusiasts.
  • Jarrod Raimann - Padron 8 Count Sampler Maduro
    A great way to experience a wide selection of Padrons excellent offerings!
  • Juan castillo - Padron Family Reserve 5 Cigar Gift Set Maduro (Verified buyer)
    Finally getting in to this sampler been sitting on then for a few years there ok flavors kinda muted but still a padron lots of spice and coffee flavors that's about it
  • John Kenny - Padron Family Reserve 5 Cigar Gift Set Maduro (Verified buyer)
    This is my favorite sampler, hands down. A fantastic representation of the amazing cigars Padron has to offer. A great gift or treat for yourself. I think I finally decided I like the Maduro version slightly better. Screw it. Get both anyway.
  • John Kenny - Padron Collection Natural 5 Cigar Sampler (Verified buyer)
    This is my favorite sampler, hands down. A fantastic representation of the amazing cigars Padron has to offer. A great gift or treat for yourself. Can't decide if I like the Natural or Maduro version better. Screw it. Get both.
  • Mateo Rodriguez - Alec Bradley Taste of the World Sampler (Verified buyer)
    I highly recommend this sampler if you’re just starting to get into AB cigars. This sampler has the variety of cigars that will help you get the wide palate of their brand. A must get.
  • Chris Hirniak - Altadis Iconic Brand 9 Cigar Assortment (Verified buyer)
    All your classics are here. RyJ, Upmann, Monte. Having company, but they’re not cigar heads? These are the names they’ll know at an amazing price point. You’ll look like a superstar, they’ll feel great, it’s a win win.
  • David Braunfotel - Altadis Iconic Brand 9 Cigar Assortment (Verified buyer)
    Brought this on vacation and it certainly did not disappoint. Problem was deciding what to pick. This is a great selection and a great price for all good cigar. Not a dud in the box.
  • Steven Pitts - Battle of the Bands 2020 Cigar Prop Edition (Verified buyer)
    This was an awesome sampler pack, I wish they'd bring it back or maybe we'll see it in a Cigar of the Month delivery sometime soon! :-)
  • Juan castillo - Cigar Dojo 2020 Top Cigars 5pk Sampler (Verified buyer)
    This a solid pickup I enjoyed every single one that I pick up a box of a few of them
  • Chad Moorman - Cigar Dojo 2020 Top Cigars 5pk Sampler (Verified buyer)
    This was a great year of cigar. This sampler wraps up the year in one bundle. It has a great flavor profile for this sampler. For the price this is a steal. DOJOOOOOOOO
  • John Rein - Cigar Dojo 2020 Top Cigars 5pk Sampler (Verified buyer)
    I thoroughly enjoyed each cigar in this sampler. Great selection at a nice price, definitely recommend trying this sampler
  • Shawn Albers - E.P. Carrillo Triumph Sampler (Verified buyer)
    Three works class cigars at a great price! Love how it’s packaged in a felt case too!
  • Tony McDowell - My Father Toro Selection Sampler 5ct (Verified buyer)
    Very nice sample set of MF cigars. Toro size is good and the quality was there with all the sticks. Surprisingly, the cutter that comes in the box is decent quality so this makes for a great value sampler.
  • Nicholas Scharafanow - My Father Toro Selection Sampler 5ct (Verified buyer)
    All was phenomenal. Great box, cytters were ok but obviously its about the cigars. They were fantastic!
  • John Kenny - Plasencia 5 Count Cigar Sampler (Verified buyer)
    This Plasencia sampler is pure gold. The perfect representation of their blends. Every stick in the box is a winner.
  • Bradlee Wilson - Plasencia 5 Count Cigar Sampler (Verified buyer)
    A great way to smoke through Plasencia’ slime of cigars!
  • Craig William Gilpin - Perdomo Connoisseur Collection Connecticut Epicure 12 Count Sampler (Verified buyer)
    Excellence in a combined 12 count package! Want to try a bit of this and that to see if you’d like to invest in a box purchase? Perdomo comes through with flying colors on any of these line ups. Such a fantastic way to test the waters and purchase one of the most recognizable names in the cigar industry. You won’t be sorry, so get them all!
  • Rob Pickett - Cigar Dojo 2021 Top Cigars 5pk Sampler (Verified buyer)
    Worth trying. All were new to me.
  • Mateo Rodriguez - Aganorsa POW-MIA-OREE - 5 Count Sampler (Verified buyer)
    This was a great idea from Aganorsa. Not only providing awareness to such an important l thing as POWs but also providing a great selection of some grade A cigars. It is also a great way to sample cigar from some of the best lines from Aganorsa to the cigar smoker find their favorite one. Great stuff from Aganorsa.
  • Tom Ducastel - Aganorsa POW-MIA-OREE - 5 Count Sampler (Verified buyer)
    All 5 of these cigars are good. I have 3 boxes and my last box will be smoked early Nov for the Marine Corps Birthday and Veteran’s Day . Great Cause, will definitely be getting more.
  • Steven Pitts - Aganorsa POW-MIA-OREE - 5 Count Sampler (Verified buyer)
    Great little sampler from Aganorsa and supports a great cause as well!
  • Jonathan Hartsock - Aganorsa POW-MIA-OREE - 5 Count Sampler (Verified buyer)
    This 5 pack is for a great cause. It was awesome to see Smoke Inn and Aganorsa make these available for us. The smokes were great and made me thankful for the freedoms we have to smoke these.
  • David Braunfotel - Aganorsa POW-MIA-OREE - 5 Count Sampler (Verified buyer)
    Great cause and great sampler. Terrance and his team hit a home run. Hard not to buy.
  • David Braunfotel - Taste of Nicaragua 6 Cigar Sampler by AJ Fernandez (Verified buyer)
    Nice sampler to bring to a party. Something for everyone. Or just enjoy yourself. Either was you can’t go wrong with anything AJ.
  • Kenneth Stewart II - Alec Bradley Reclaimed 7 Count Sampler (Verified buyer)
    These are all great cigars and an awesome bonus antique cigar mold
  • Bryan Brantley - Toast Across America 2022 (Verified buyer)
    The Crown Jewels from Fuente and JC Newman. The “Shark” vitola in these offerings makes them irresistible. Perfect construction in the same flavor profiles you love from both of these companies. These are a must buy every time they are available.
  • Tony McDowell - Showdown Samplers - Joya v Oliva (Verified buyer)
    Both sticks are very mild and great for beginners. Good coffee cigar.
  • Tony McDowell - Showdown Samplers - Montecristo v Cohiba (Verified buyer)
    Montecristo wins this one for me. Smooth and creamy but with a hint of spice. Cohiba is not bad by any means but it was a little to rich for my taste.
  • David Cubeta - Mystery Grab Bags - 30 Cigars + Case (Verified buyer)
    I had been waiting for this deal to come back around ! The assortment of cigars I received were nearly all ones that I had not smokes previously...In fact, there were exactly 2 ' regular " cigars, a Baccarat robusto and an 1875 Bully...Retail value was out of sight w/o the case...I am eagerly awaiting the next grab bag offering...
  • Andrew Visker - Mystery Grab Bags - 30 Cigars + Case (Verified buyer)
    Well worth it! Amazing cigars, some nicely aged wiith amber/yellowed out cellophane and those were real tasty sticks!! Gonna keep an eye out for the next mystery bag offering!! Join the cigar of the month club, it's a no Brainer as well!!!
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