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Alec Bradley - It's a Boy
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Alec Bradley - It's a Boy

“It’s a boy!” The words every first-time dad hopes to hear when that special moment finally comes. Of course, once you’ve had your first boy, you may be praying for “It’s a girl!” the next time around...

Boy or girl, this is a monumental occasion, one that calls for the proper celebration—and as has been the tradition for generations, smoking a hand-rolled cigar with friends and family is just the way to do it!

This is not the time to skimp and buy the knockoff chocolate ‘gars (although they are tasty…), in this situation, a genuine, premium cigar is a must. It’s A Boy/Girl cigars by Alec Bradley feature blue or pink packaging and bands, complete with a picture frame on the box’s top for you to customize. On the interior you can fill out the baby’s name, birth date, etc. And the cigars are the real deal as well, featuring a Connecticut wrapper over Honduran fillers, making for a satisfying, medium-bodied celebration smoke.

Celebrate this momentous occasion the right way, with a premium cigar!
6 x 50


Country of Orgin : Honduras
Strength : Mild-Medium
Wrapper : Connecticut

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Customer Reviews

  • Derek Moon - Alec Bradley - It's a Girl (Verified buyer)
    Meh it’s a novelty cigar. Horrible burn. I was kind of embarrassed after sharing them with friends and family because they weren’t that good of quality.
  • Gary Shaffer - Alec Bradley - It's a Boy (Verified buyer)
    I know this cigar isn't one of AB's "top of the line" cigars, and I knew that when I bought them. I will say though, that I did enjoy the smoke. I gave them to friends and family when my grandson was born. I got good feedback from them, saying that they were surprised they were as good as they were considering they were "It's a Boy" cigars. They burn evenly, they smoke long, and they don't have that cheap cigar aftertaste the next morning. If I have another grandson, I will get them again and I do recommend this cigar.