Top Cigars For The New Year

Another New Year is here, which means another year of cigar smoking joy and a new season of cigar releases. It’s the optimal time to look back at cigars of the past year, as well as the top cigars for the New Year. So, hitch a ride on the old cigar time machine as we look at the top cigars of 2021 and cigar-smoking treasures of 2022 yet to come.

Top Cigars of 2021

Cigar lovers were treated to a broad spectrum of cigar releases during 2021. This is despite the added burdens of tighter government restrictions and an ever more unpredictable climate. Yet cigar manufacturers, both big and small, managed to deliver some downright tasty smokes. Here are six top cigars of 2021 that can help kick off the New Year right:

  1. Drew Estate Undercrown 10
  2. 601 La Bomba Warhead VII
  3. Red Meat Lovers Cigars 2021 by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
  4. Buffalo Ten Connecticut
  5. Room 101 Namakubi
  6. StillWell Star by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Add these top cigars of 2021 to your cigar shopping list, spark up and enjoy a taste of the exciting cigars of today. Then you’ll be primed and ready to taste the future with the best cigars of 2022.

New Year Cigar Releases to Kick Off 2022 Right

The shiny luster of the New Year has hardly had time to wear off, yet there is already a plethora of new year cigar releases to kick off 2022 right and whip the taste buds into a frenzy. Judging by early returns, 2022 is shaping up to be a stellar year for cigar enthusiasts. Here is a look at some of the most anticipated cigars already available for the New Year:

La Palina Accutron

The La Palina Accutron is a collaboration originally conceived to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the legendary watchmaker Accutron’s first timepiece. Handcrafted at the famous El Titan de Bronze factory, these Ecuadorian Connecticut-wrapped beauties have arrived as one of 2022’s most illustrious smokes.

Jeremy Piven Collection

Jeremy Piven of Entourage fame sought out Illusione cigar’s Dion Giolito to create silky-smooth smokes with deeply complex flavor profiles that even Piven’s iconic character, Ari Gold, would love. The first up is the scrumptious 5” x 52 PIV Robusto, one of the most anticipated new smokes of the year.

Joya de Nicaragua Dos Cientos

Slated for release during Central America’s bicentennial celebrations this past September, the JDN Dos Cientos was delayed yet arrived in time to rank as one of the most luxurious New Year cigars. The limited-run smokes are already finding their way onto Best of 2022 lists and are destined to sell out fast.

Protocol Lawmen: Bass Reeves

The latest addition to the Protocol Lawmen series, the Bass Reeves, is named in honor of one of the first black U.S. Marshalls. Handmade at AJ Fernandez’s factory in Ocotal, Nicaragua, the 6” x 52 box-pressed cigars are available with Sumatra or Maduro wrappers surrounding voluptuous Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Crowned Heads Le Patissier

Announced at the 2021 PCA convention, the limited edition PCA exclusive Crowned Heads Le Patissier features a blend of Costa Rican and Nicaraguan tobaccos covered by a dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Smooth, complex, and bursting with flavor, it is already on the year’s list of fan favorites.

La Palina KB Series

Originally launched in 2013, the La Palina KB series gets a makeover for the new year featuring an updated look and new sizes. Honduran Corojo and Criollo tobaccos meet Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo leaves for a full-bodied adventure that makes it a go-to choice for hardcore aficionados all over again.

ACE Prime The Sergeant 

Released in 2021 as a PCA exclusive, ACE Prime The Sergeant cigars are a tribute to co-founder Luciano Meirelles’ friend Marine Corps Sergeant Brian Acevedo. The Sergeant is a passion project that delivers a deep character, body, and complexity that makes it one of the new year’s most rewarding smokes.


Cigar Resolutions

The New Year is the perfect time to make cigar resolutions and discover new ways to experience cigars. For example, you can resolve to try new cigar types or shapes if your cigar adventures of the past year were missing something. Want to up your cigar accessory game? Then upgrade your cigar cutter, lighter, or other gadgets. Start a cigar journal, join a cigar smoking club, or try new cigar pairings. The possibilities are endless.

Coming up with cigar resolutions can be a fun way to explore the cigar world and take your appreciation of cigars to new levels. There is no better time to set down just what you want to get out of your cigar experiences for the year. So, make your cigar resolutions today and be ready for the new cigars set to appear throughout 2022.

Cigars to Look For in 2022

With the 2022 cigar lineup already looking great, many new cigars are slated for release in 2022 and worthy of attention. Unfortunately, government restrictions, severe weather changes, and other obstacles can make it difficult for cigar makers to get new cigars to market. So, release schedules can be quite fluid. Nevertheless, all of the rewards new cigars offer are well worth the wait. Whether limited edition annual releases, new lines, or new sizes, here are the most tantalizing cigars slated for 2022 release:

  • Davidoff Year of the Tiger (New line/Annual series)
  • Cabaiguan Britanicas Extra Perfecto (New size/shape)
  • Diamond Crown Black Diamond (Line Reboot)
  • Guardian of the Farm Cerberus (New line)
  • H. Upmann Nicaragua AJ Fernandez Heritage (New line)
  • Angel Cuesta (New line)
  • Alec Bradley Filthy Hooligan Shamrock 2022 (LE Annual series)
  • El Baton (Line Reboot)

These are just a few teasers of all the hotly anticipated smokes on the way. The Great Smoke 2022’s full slate of exclusive event cigars from Aganorsa Leaf, Steve Saka, and others also add to the already stacked lineup that is sure to make 2022 one of the most memorable years for cigars in quite some time.


Keep the Cigar Party Going All Year

The New Year is the ultimate time to celebrate, yet the cigar celebration doesn’t end when the ball drops. Between the best cigars of the past year and the top cigars of 2022, you can keep the celebration going strong every day of the year. Keep track of the latest cigar releases throughout the year at Smoke Inn and shop all of the best cigars available now!


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