Luciano Y Panda Cigar Review

Y Panda by Luciano Cigars

Luciano Y Panda

The Y Panda cigar by Luciano Cigars is a highly anticipated release in the world of premium cigars. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this offering showcases the passion and expertise of the renowned brand. In this review, we will delve into the various aspects of the Y Panda cigar to provide a comprehensive analysis.


The first impression of the Y Panda cigar is its impeccable appearance. The cigar features a flawless Ecuadorian Corojo 98 wrapper that is velvety and smooth to the touch a double binder of Brazilian arapiraca and Ecuadorian Sumatra, while the filler is made up of Nicaraguan tobacco, specifically viso from Jalapa and seco from Estelí, a combination that the company says operates as the yin and yang, offering “edgy sweetness, mild flavors brought to life with slight strength to the seasoned palate.”. The wrapper leaf has an appealing medium-brown color, with minimal veins and a seamless construction. The cigar is adorned with an elegant band that proudly displays the Luciano Cigars logo, adding a touch of sophistication.


The construction of the Y Panda cigar is of the highest caliber. It is expertly rolled, displaying a perfect balance between firmness and give. The cap is flawlessly applied, allowing for a precise and effortless cut. The draw is smooth and consistent, providing an optimal airflow that enhances the overall smoking experience.

Flavor Profile:

Upon lighting, the Y Panda cigar captivates the palate with a complex and harmonious flavor profile. The initial notes are a delightful blend of spice, earth, and cedar, which gradually give way to nuances of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and a subtle sweetness. The flavor transitions are seamless, offering a medium to full-bodied smoking experience that remains engaging and satisfying from start to its long finish.

Burn and Ash:

The burn of the Y Panda cigar is exceptional, showcasing the expertise of its construction. The cigar burns evenly, with a well-defined burn line that requires minimal touch-ups. The ash is solid and holds firm, forming a beautiful stack that displays a characteristic white hue. It retains its integrity for an impressive length, further highlighting the cigar’s outstanding construction.


The aroma of the Y Panda cigar is captivating and alluring. The smoke exudes a rich and enticing scent, featuring notes of cedar, leather, and a subtle hint of sweetness. The aroma fills the air, creating an immersive and pleasurable environment for the smoker.

Overall Experience:

The Y Panda cigar by Luciano Cigars offers a truly exceptional smoking experience. From its flawless appearance to its complex flavor profile and impeccable construction, this cigar exemplifies the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It is a testament to the artistry and expertise of Luciano Cigars, providing enthusiasts with a memorable and satisfying smoking journey.

Luciano Y Panda Stick

Luciano Y Panda Final Thoughts:

The Y Panda cigar by Luciano Cigars is a standout offering that deserves recognition in the world of premium cigars. With its impeccable appearance, well-balanced flavor profile, and flawless construction, it is a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or a novice looking to indulge in something extraordinary, the Y Panda cigar is a must-try. It is a testament to the passion and mastery of Luciano Cigars, and it is sure to elevate your cigar-smoking experience to new heights.


Savor the moment, Mute life and Embrace the richness of the smoke.” ~ Sarge 09/28/2023

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