Tool Time: The Best Cigar Accessories You Should Own

The Best Cigar Accessories You Should Own

Smoking a beautifully crafted premium cigar without using the best cigar accessories is something no cigar lover should have to endure. Keeping the right cigar tools handy is everything for a cigar enthusiast. However, sorting through the countless options available today can be a daunting effort. This brief guide shows you all you need to know. You will learn to choose the best cigar gadgets for all of your cigar-smoking adventures.

The Cigar Accessories Every Smoker Needs

The right cigar tools can be the difference between having a good or bad cigar smoking experience. So, looking at what cigar accessories every smoker needs and why narrows down the focus of the best cigar accessories you need in your cigar tool kit to do the job right. While there are many different cigar-related accessories, there are a few that are absolute necessities for today’s cigar enthusiasts, including:

  • Cigar cutter
  • A Cigar lighter
  • Cigar ashtray
  • Humidor or travel case

Each helps make for a more enjoyable cigar experience. However, the style you choose depends on your specific needs and preferences. 

Best Cigar Cutters

This is a must-have in any cigar aficionado’s cigar tool kit. A cigar cutter is a device for removing the tobacco at the head of a cigar. This is so you can draw through it. While all cigar cutters serve the same purpose, different types can offer different smoking experiences. Here is a look at the most popular types of cigar cutters.

Guillotine Cutter 

This is a classic favorite with super sharp flat blades that slice through the tip of the cigar’s head. It creates a drawing surface spanning the cigar’s diameter. Double guillotine cutters, such as the Lotus Meteor cutter, feature two blades that can provide a clean and easy cutting motion perfectly suited for a wide range of cigar sizes. Double guillotine cutters are reliable and versatile options for any cigar lover.

Punch Cutter

Compact and highly portable, a punch cutter works much like a cookie cutter. It is to literally “punch” a hole in the cigar’s head with a circular blade. Proponents of the punch cutter suggest the smaller diameter cut makes for a more focused draw and taste. The S.T. Dupont Punch Cutter is a great example of a punch cutter that offers style and functionality while on the go.


Once used only by the most serious connoisseurs, V-cutters are as popular as ever due to design innovations that make using a V-cutter easier than ever before. An inverted V-shaped cutting blade removes a wedge from the cigar’s head. The idea being the V-shape creates two distinct surfaces from which to draw, creating a more dynamic, deeply textured smoke. The Colibri V-Cut is a popular example.

Best Cigar Lighters

You can’t savor a great smoke without some heat, and sometimes cigar matches won’t do. So, cigar lighters are the way to go, and there are various types from which to choose. Many feature wind-resistant flames, while some have built-in cigar cutters. There is a cigar lighter for any situation, so taking a peek at the differences helps decide which is best for your cigar lighting needs.

Single Flame

Lighting cigars with a single flame lighter keeps the process simple and effective. Most single-flame cigar lighters available today feature a single jet-flame torch that provides wind resistance as well as a focused flame for lighting cigars evenly. The Colibri Daytona Single-Jet lighter is a classic single flame cigar lighter ideally suited for both work and play.

Multi Flame

Preferred by many cigar lovers, multi flame lighters can feature two or more flames tailor-made for lighting cigars. The multiple flames cover more surface area to light cigars quickly and more efficiently than a single flame. In addition, windproof triple torch cigar lighters are great options for lighting cigars easily outdoors.

Soft Flame

Traditional flames or “soft flames” are the classic way to light a cigar. These lighter types are best used indoors or when no wind is present as they can easily be blown out. However, soft flame lighters add elegance and retro appeal to the cigar lighting ritual that torch lighters cannot. A fine choice for lounge settings or those more nostalgic moments.

Best Cigar Humidors

If you plan to keep a steady supply of cigars on hand, you want to ensure the cigars remain in optimal condition. That is where a humidor comes in. Humidors use humidification devices to create a consistently moist environment for cigars. From desktop and travel humidors to larger cigar cabinets, humidors are worthy investments that ensure your cigars are protected and ready to smoke. 

The best cigar humidors feature everything needed for the ideal humidification of cigars. These include:

  • A tight seal to ensure consistent climate by minimizing air and moisture seepage. 
  • Heavy-duty hinges and latches that hold up to repetitive use.
  • Spanish cedar, mahogany, or other material that does not affect the aroma or taste of cigars.
  • High-quality humidification device for reliable climate control.

For those on the go, travel humidors are especially handy. The best travel humidors, such as the 30-cigar capacity SI Travel Case Large, provide a reliable humidified environment for cigars while keeping them securely in place with protective slots during travel. While all humidors need a bit of regular upkeep, they are more than worth the effort to have cigars in ideal condition whenever the mood strikes to fire one up. 

Best Cigar Ashtrays

Just about every cigar lover has at one time or another put their improvising skills to use to create a makeshift ashtray. However, the best cigar ashtrays can make for a cleaner, safer cigar-smoking session while adding a splash of style to a home or office. When choosing a cigar ashtray, take note of where you plan to use it and how it might fit the décor or if it needs to be weatherproof. You might also consider how many others might share the ashtray, as cigar ashtrays come in various sizes that can have two, three, four, or more cigar rests.

Other Best Cigar Accessories

Numerous other cigar accessories can make for less hassle and help raise your cigar smoking to another level. A 72% humidification pack from Boveda is just one example of an accessory enhancing cigar humidification. There are many others you might consider, such as a hygrometer to show humidity levels, a cigar case for keeping cigars safe while out on the town, or a cigar holder perfect for a day on the golf course.

Accessorize, Savor, Repeat.

The best cigar accessories can ensure your cigars are in optimal smoking condition and make for a more enjoyable experience while also flashing a bit of personal style. So, get ready for a better way to enjoy cigars and fill your cigar toolbox with the latest cigar gadgets from Smoke Inn today.


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