Cigar Brand Spotlight on Romeo y Julieta

Cigar Brand Spotlight on Romeo y Julieta

Premium Cigar Brand Options to Look Out For

A cigar is worthy of your time when you are ending your long day. Moreover, the many flavorful notes of a cigar produce a unique experience for every taste.

Moreover, this comforting world of cigars has endless options. The artisanal Romeo y Julieta brand is one such choice to explore. 

No matter what cigar interests you the most, all the top brands have something different to offer. Likewise, Romeo y Julieta is one such brand that is different from the rest. Keep reading for more details on Romeo y Julieta cigars if you’re interested in knowing more about some of the most outstanding cigars on today’s market. 

Cigar Brand Spotlight: Romeo y Julieta

The brand Romeo y Julieta, named after Shakespeare’s tragic tale of love, is one the most popular cigars in the history of cigar smoking. If you are a fan of this cigar brand, here’s all you need to know in this cigar brand spotlight.

Founded by Manin Garcia and Inocencio Alvarez, the Romeo y Julieta brand began in Cuba in 1875. The brand has enjoyed continued success from its earliest time to now, thanks to the company’s focus on precision and quality for each premium cigar it makes.

These cigars are hand-made in three different countries – the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The company has hired several generations of cigar-making experts to continue producing these products. This legacy adds to the experience, making the flavors and aroma consistently rich.

Some of the most popular cigars by Romeo y Julieta are listed below:

1. Romeo y Julieta Eternal

Romeo y Julieta Eternal is available in only one size— a 6-inch by 54 ring gauge toro. These limited cigars include superior quality leaves from four primary regions – Jalapa in Guatemala and Condega, Ometepe, and Esteli in Nicaragua. 

The cigars are packed beautifully in boxes of eleven. And in each box, there’s one cigar that has an alternate gold band. The gold band is a nod to Romeo y Julieta’s ever-lasting love story.

2. Romeo y Julieta Reserve

Romeo y Julieta Reserve has a unique set of flavors. It is hand-made at the La Flor de Copan factory in Honduras. Primarily, it has a rich taste of Honduran tobacco leaves.

The cigar delivers more intensity than other brands with its oily caramel flavor, Nicaraguan wrapper leaf, and Honduran binders. This cigar has a highly satisfying aroma and flavor and delivers a perfect draw.

3. Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real

Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real is for someone who prefers a mild draw. It provides a softer and creamier flavor than most other cigars from the brand. Overall, the strength is mild to medium, with a tender aroma and woodsy flavor.

It has a Nicaraguan binder as well as tobacco. Further, it has a Connecticut Shade Ecuadorian wrapper.

4. Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real – It’s a Boy/Girl

Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real – It’s a Boy/Girl is the perfect way to celebrate becoming a parent.  This premium cigar comes with an “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” band. The cigar is also packaged in tubes, making it easier to share the good news with your family and friends.

The cigar has a rich and flavorful blend with a buttery smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The overall flavor is mild and approachable.

La Aroma de Cuba

You have many other choices to explore when finding premium cigars. La Aroma de Cuba is another premium cigar brand dating back to the late 1880s. This Cuban brand was an early favorite of Winston Churchill. The brand began a modern-day revival in the early 2000s. 

The brand offers a series of handcrafted cigars with bands that feature the original La Aroma de Cuba artwork. If you are a cigar lover, you will definitely find its old-world appeal refreshing.

La Aroma de Cuba is blended by Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia, the legendary cigar-maker in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Some of the most popular premium cigars by this brand are:

  • The La Aroma De Cuba Rothschild
  • La Aroma De Cuba Robusto
  • The La Aroma De Cuba Belicoso
  • La Aroma De Cuba Churchill
  • The La Aroma De Cuba El Jefe

Rock-A-Feller Cigars

Rock-A-Feller is a famous brand that makes excellent and invigorating cigars. With ties to the Rockefeller family, this brand is seen as a symbol of luxury.

The brand offers everything in each cigar, including an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan filler, and an Indonesian binder. The cigars are available in sampler packs and as singles. 

Among the most popular premium cigar choices from Rock-A-Feller include:

  • The Rock-A-Feller Connecticut
  • Rock-A-Feller Dominican
  • The Rock-A-Feller Gold Series
  • Rock-A-Feller Habano White Cigar
  • The Rock-A-Feller Maduro Red Cigar

Southern Draw Cigars

Southern Draw Cigars is another premium cigar brand to explore. Likewise, the brand was founded on the Southern tradition. It employs approximately 300 hardworking hands to produce a cigar.

Further, they use only patiently aged and naturally fermented tobacco for manufacturing the cigars. Moreover, some of the popular Southern Draw cigars you can buy today are listed here:

  • The Southern Draw Cedrus
  • Southern Draw Firethorn
  • Southern Draw Kudzu
  • The Southern Draw Jacob’s Ladder
  • Southern Draw Kudzu Lustrum
  • Southern Draw Rose of Sharon
  • The Southern Draw Rose of Sharon Desert Rose
  • Southern Draw Manzanita

God of Fire Cigars

God of Fire Cigar began in 2004, and its popularity continues to grow today. The brand excellently crafts cigars with great care. Each cigar set comes with a signature red and black box that features a beautiful painting of the Prometheus Bound on the front.

The cigars are from Dominican long-fillers and binder. Additionally, each batch is aged for at least three years from completion. As a result, there are solid draws and seasoned flavors.

The most popular cigars by this brand are as follows:

  • The God of Fire Churchill Carlito
  • God of Fire Piramide Carlito
  • The God of Fire Corona Carlito
  • God of Fire Dbl Robusto Carlito

Choosing the Right Cigar Brand

In conclusion, while there are plenty of brands that can provide a satisfying draw, Romeo y Julieta is unique. Above all, from the Eternal to the Reserve, you’ll find many top-rate cigars in various strengths to serve your interests. Be sure to check out more options, here.


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