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Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka

Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka

Summer of Saka 2024

In the world of premium cigars, you will often find elevated smoking experiences not originally intended for the public; sometimes they were rolled for the family that produces the cigars, sometimes for diplomats or anniversaries, and sometimes they are "para el jefe" (i.e. made for the boss). For Steve Saka and his beloved Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, this is represented by the Sin Compromiso Paladin de Saka cigar.

The Dunbarton Sin Compromiso Paladin de Saka could be described as the best of the best, being Saka's custom-tailored version of Dunbarton's original Sin Compromiso cigar. Indeed, since the ultra-premium Sin Compromiso first debuted in 2018, craft cigar fanatics drooled from the sidelines, looking longingly as Steve teased his own Paladin de Saka version, finely tuned to suit his personal tastes. Steve goes far enough to note, "it is personally my best Liga ever."

As with the original, the Sin Compromiso Paladin de Saka boasts a unique San Andrés Negro wrapper that concentrates the entirety of each tobacco plant toward the uppermost eight leaves, making for a super San Andrés wrapper, of sorts. This leaf surrounds a thin ligero priming of hybridized Ecuadorian Habano as the binder, and a new Pennsylvania Seedleaf addition to the former all-Nicaraguan filler. This highly select concoction is rolled in a singular soft-pressed 7" x 52 format and left to age a full year before shipping to tobacconists. These are small batch cigars that make their way to cigar hobbyists only as supplies allow. The performance is fuller in body than the original, showing an inherent sweetness that twists and turns from puff to puff, with standout flavors including that of fresh-turned soil, baker's cocoa, bittersweet espresso, and licorice that lasts long through the finish.


Pack: 5
Size: 7 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $143.50
Pack: 13
Size: 7 x 52
Smoke Inn Price : $317.50
Retail Price: $373.70

Category Rating

Customer Reviews

  • JACOB NEELY - Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka - 5 Pack
    This might be the best cigar Saka's ever made... at least for my palate. Few cigars are as deeply earth-forward as this blend. Absolutely incredible.
  • Mateo Rodriguez - Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka
    In my opinion THIS is THE ONE Sin Compromiso to rule them all. I definitely got the fresh turned soil and a slight hint of licorice. Also to me this cigar reminded me of the box press Red Meat Lovers cigar from DTT which is fabulous. The size is perfect for a good sit down and watch a ball game cigar. Also perfect for special occasions based on your budget. Great burn, great consistency and overall just a fantastic cigar from DTT.
  • Daniel Newman - Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka (Verified buyer)
    This cigar takes you on a journey that is all things Saka. It is a gorgeous stick, and the presentation sets the expectations high. It is a full-bodied cigar that explodes with flavor throughout the entire smoke. I can honestly say that each time I smoke one I find different nuanced flavors and I am excited to go back to see what additional notes await me as the cigar ages in my humidor. This is definitely a box worthy cigar that showcases the magic that is Saka.
  • Joe Olesinski - Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka (Verified buyer)
    If there's ever a cigar that you want to spend good money on, this is it. If I could afford this as an everyday smoke I absolutely would. The smooth creamy smoke and incredible notes on this cigar leave you wanting more. Another one of those cigars that is worth every penny spent. Take the time to sit down and enjoy this beauty
  • James Young - Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka
    Saka did it again! Another gem of a cigar. I didn’t like the sin comp, just didn’t have enough umph for me, but this one! Wow fantastic cigar.
  • Michael Lanier - Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka
    Ok, I'll just say it, FANTASTIC CIGAR!! I love this cigar, and this the extra aging has mellowed out this blend. I still enjoy the original better, but this cigar is worth every penny and a great way to end the day.
  • Michael Cruz - Sin Compromiso Paladin De Saka
    Probably Saka's greatest. A smooth stick, with great flavors, medium plus strength that to me is better than a Padrón.

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