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Espinosa La Trenza Culebra
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Espinosa La Trenza Culebra

Espinosa Premium Cigars may be responsible for some of the most high-octane nicotine monsters on the market, but that's actually not their modus operandi. Espinosa first began turning heads with the introduction of the Espinosa Habano in 2012. This was followed by the Laranja Reserva in 2014 and the Espinosa Crema in 2016. None of these smokes will turn you green. Instead, they wow the palate with bright and lively, often full and/or unique flavor profiles.

These three smoking beauties are now joined like never before, with each blend being twisted together to form a three-headed beast known as La Trenza. The name is Spanish for The Braid, offering cigar enthusiasts the classic, almost mystifying Cuban tradition of braiding three cigars together to form something that is equal parts art and flavor! Differing from traditional culebras, La Trenza is not rolled from three of the same blend, instead featuring one Espinosa Habano, one Laranja Reserva, and one Espinosa Crema cigar. These three can then be untangled and smoked individually, offering a fun snapshot of Espinosa's wide range of smoking profiles. This includes the smooth and creamy tendencies of Espinosa Crema, the zesty cabinet spices of Espinosa Habano, and the exotic, bright and lively characteristics of Laranja Reserva.

Espinosa La Trenza is offered exclusively through Smoke Inn Cigars, with small batches of these special culebras being rolled at the boutique La Zona factory and packaged in collectable coffin-style boxes.

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7 x 42

1 Culebra

Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
Strength : Medium
Wrapper : Nicaraguan
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