My Father No. 3 Cremas - 5 Pack
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My Father No. 3 Cremas - 5 Pack
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My Father No. 3 Cremas - 5 Pack

My Father No 3 - 5 Pack, this cigar is a balanced powerhouse, with rich flavor. The Ecuadorian grown wrapper is from Cuban seed and encompasses a filler mix of Nicaraguan tobaccos. Only about 50,000 were made. As the father and son duo process more of the specially aged tobaccos, they hope to increase th e production. This cigar has become our personal favorite from Jose Pepin Garcia.
6 x 49


Country of Orgin : Nicaragua
Strength : Medium-Full
Wrapper : Natural

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  • JACOB NEELY - My Father No. 2 Belicosos
    A classic blend. The MF isn't as unique in today's market as it was when first released, but it remains an example of great Nicaraguan blends. Any seasoned cigar smoker should have a few of these vitolas under their belt.
  • Hugh Applegate - My Father No. 6 Toro Gordo (Verified buyer)
    This is the cigar that started it all. Prior to smoking this cigar I was at a point in my life where I had smoked some good flavored cigars and ok regular cigars. BUT THIS...WOW. This was the first cigar I think I had that had flavor that wasn't enhanced. You get the balance of spice a bit of earth, some nuts, and it was MIND BLOWING. This sent me on a mission to seek out cigars that were just like it. Had flavor that went above the regular tobacco flavor to notes of different degree.