What Are The Parts Of A Premium Cigar?

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When you inhale the smoke of a high-quality premium cigar, so you often wonder what goes into that aromatic smoke and flavor? Do you ever ask yourself what are the parts of a premium cigar?

Each premium cigar is made with high-quality ingredients to create a unique smoking experience. We’ll examine each important part of the cigar and what it brings to the table. You might be surprised about what individual aspect of a cigar creates when it comes to flavor and robustness. 

By the time we’re done, you can use the information when coming to one of our Florida cigar lounges or when you visit your favorite smoke shop online. 

Parts of a Premium Cigar: The Filler

When most people talk about the flavor of a premium cigar, they’re talking about the filler. It’s the biggest overall component of a cigar’s flavor is the filler because it’s often made up of different types. When you mix tobacco types such as those grown in different areas or with different flavor profiles, you create a unique flavor that is unique to each cigar.

The filler is the cut tobacco leaves that make up the center of the cigar. 

What Is Short Filler?

If you have a machine-packed cigar, then you’re smoking short filler. Short fillers are shredded, which makes them hard to pack by hand. Short tobacco fillers in inexpensive cigars are made from scraps of tobacco leaves and have little quality flavor. Therefore, many inexpensive cigars are flavored to cover up the taste.

Short fillers in higher quality cigars are made from a better leaf but still shredded. Since they are so short, they leave hot pockets that cause the cigar to burn faster. The better the cigar, the better the smoke even when it comes to short fillers.

What Is a Long Filler?

Long filler is made for better quality cigars because it’s easier to pack by hand. The filler is made from whole leaves and creates an even burn that lasts longer than short fillers. With long filler, you get a more consistent flavor.

What is Mixed Filler? 

If you want the best of both worlds, then you have mixed filler. Its short filler is wrapped in a whole tobacco leaf. It allows you to have a consistent taste that doesn’t burn as hot but won’t hurt your pocketbook. You’ll find these on better-quality cigars that aren’t as expensive as super-premium cigars. 

The Binder Isn’t Pretty

Without the binder, then you smoke a cigar, you’ll taste the binding and end up with small flecks of it in your mouth. That’s a sure-fire way to ruin a smoking experience. 

The binder is made from a tobacco leaf of good quality that is hidden from view. They use leaves that have the quality but don’t look as good as the wrapper leaf. Some high-quality premium cigars use wrapper-quality binders to enhance the flavor. 

Generally, the binder is just for proper structure and doesn’t have a big impact on taste and robustness. It’s usually a good-quality lead with just some color issues or blemishes.

The Wrapper Matters

The wrapper is the outer layer of the cigar and has a big impact on taste and robustness. The wrapper is a whole leaf that has great color and taste. It’s what visually sells the cigar and is what your mouth touches when you smoke.

Only the very best leaves make it to the wrapper and growers take extra time and effort in growing these leaves. In addition to color, they have minimal veins and a nice oily texture, depending on the type of leaf. 

Wrappers have two main categories: Natural and Maduro. Natural wrappers are lighter in color and tend to have a creamy or nutty flavor. Maduro wrappers are darker and have sweeter notes. Wrappers are further categorized by where they are grown.

Cameroon – grown in African areas of Cameroon and the Central African Republic. 

Connecticut Broadleaf – grown in Connecticut River Valley. They are generally Maduro wrappers.

Connecticut Shade – grown in the Connecticut River Valley under shade for a golden color and creamy flavor.

Corojo – Cuban-seed wrapper grown in Central America

Dominican – grown in the Dominican Republic and considered rare

The Ecuador Connecticut – grown in Ecuador but made from Connecticut seed. 

Ecuador Habano – Cuban-seed grown in Ecuador

Ecuador Sumatra – Sumatra-seed tobacco grown in Ecuador

Nicaraguan – grown in Nicaragua, often medium of full-bodied

San Andres – grown in San Andres and known for its volcanic soils and high quality

The Cap and Foot

The cap is the head of the cigar. It’s what you put into your mouth and what you cut off with the cigar cutter. It has the same tobacco leaf as the wrapper, and it can be shaped differently depending on the type of cigar.

Moreover, the cap keeps the wrapper intact while you smoke the cigar. If you cut above the seam, then the wrapper can unravel and ruin your smoking experience. 

The foot is the end of the cigar and it’s what you light. The cap needs and even burn or else it can impact your smoke. When lighting the foot, make sure the entire circumference is lit. Depending on the type of cigar, it can be open or closed and have a different shape. 

The Cigar Band

Bands were initially created to differentiate Cuban cigars, but most brands have them today. The band displays the maker’s logo or some type of artwork to identify the cigar. It’s used for brand identity and to enhance the look of the cigar.

Knowledge Is Power

The parts of a premium cigar impact every aspect of the flavor and robustness. You will notice that every tobacco leaf is different in the various parts of your cigar.

Use this information to help make better decisions on the types of cigars you choose when you visit a Florida cigar shop.

If you want more information about cigars or want to visit our numerous locations for the best cigar experience, then contact us today.

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