Room101 14th Anniversary: A Celebration of Flavor and Craftsmanship

The Room101 14th Anniversary cigar is a highly anticipated release from the renowned Room101 brand, marking a significant milestone in their journey. As a cigar enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of savoring this exceptional cigar, and I am delighted to provide you with a detailed review of this celebratory blend.


The Room101 14th Anniversary cigar is a sight to behold. Its flawless construction is immediately apparent, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship of the brand. The dark, oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is seamless, exhibiting a slight toothiness and a beautiful sheen. The cigar is adorned with a simple, elegant band that signifies the brand’s anniversary, further adding to its allure.

Pre-light Experience:

Upon inspection, the cigar feels perfectly firm to the touch, indicating an ideal level of moisture. The foot exudes an enticing aroma of rich cocoa, cedar, and a subtle hint of spice. The cold draw is effortless, offering a medley of flavors such as sweet tobacco, dried fruit, and a touch of earthiness. These pre-light characteristics set high expectations for the smoking experience to come.

First Third:

Upon toasting and lighting the Room101 14th Anniversary, the initial draw reveals a burst of flavors that captivate the palate. Notes of dark chocolate, accompanied by a delicate sweetness reminiscent of caramel and dried cherries, take center stage. The blend showcases an intriguing interplay between the sweetness and a subtle spice that gradually intensifies, never overpowering the overall profile. The draw is smooth, producing a generous amount of creamy, aromatic smoke.

Second Third:

As the smoke progresses into the second third, the Room101 14th Anniversary continues to impress. The flavors deepen, revealing a more prominent earthiness that harmonizes with the existing sweetness. Hints of leather, coffee, and toasted nuts emerge, adding complexity and depth to the blend. The burn remains even, requiring no touch-ups, and the ash holds firm, showcasing the cigar’s excellent construction.

Final Third:

In the final third, the Room101 14th Anniversary reaches its crescendo. The flavors intensify, delivering a full-bodied experience without sacrificing balance. The earthiness remains prominent, now accompanied by a subtle black pepper spice that adds a zesty kick to the profile. The chocolate and caramel notes persist, offering a satisfying, long-lasting finish. The cigar maintains its exceptional construction throughout, providing a cool and smooth smoke until the last draw.

Final Words and Thoughts:

The Room101 14th Anniversary cigar is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation. From its flawless construction to its complex flavor profile, this cigar delivers a memorable smoking experience that celebrates the brand’s milestone anniversary. The interplay of dark chocolate, caramel, spice, and earthiness creates a harmonious blend that will captivate both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Whether you’re toasting a special occasion or simply seeking a luxurious and indulgent smoke, the Room101 14th Anniversary is a worthy choice that won’t disappoint. Finally, who said that cigars anniversaries have to be celebrated by 10 years increments? This cigar is a celebration on its own.

“Savor the moment, Mute life and Embrace the richness of the smoke.” ~ Sarge 08/26/2023

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